The Worlds Fastest Growing

Hair Loss Solution

Scalp Micropigmentation

The Worlds Fastest Growing

Hair Loss Solution

Scalp MicropigmentatioN

What is SMP?

Scalp micropigmentation is the world’s fastest growing solution for male and female hair loss, and the concealment of scars and alopecia.

Who are we?

Team Micro is the global ambassador for SMP, and the world’s #1 marketing agency and product supplier for SMP clinics.

Why choose us?

Representing SMP and PMU since 2009, we understand your world and your customers better than anyone, and deliver real results for ambitious artists.

Why choose Team Micro?

1. Leader

The world’s leading marketing agency for SMP and PMU artists since 2009. We understand your market and your customers as you do.

2. Trusted

Hired by over 1000 artists worldwide, Team Micro is the most trusted and recommended agency in the world. Our word is our bond.

3. Effective

We build websites that convert, and create Google ranking improvements that have a real and meaningful impact on your business.

4. Passionate

No artist is taken for granted. Our dedicated team of 15 account managers, designers and marketers, are here to serve.
Our Must Haves

Buy From the Best

Established in 2009, we understand the PMU and SMP industry like no other.

Team Micro is the worlds leading website design and SEO agency for permanent makeup and scalp micropigmentation professionals.

We run the world’s largest scalp micropigmentation website and Facebook group, we host the leading SMP industry conference and supply over 1000 clinics through our online store.

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