Tricopigmentation in combination with FUE transplants

Quite often there is simply not enough donor hair to achieve the required density the client is looking for. Tricopigmentation can be performed a month before or a minimum of 6 months after the transplant procedure and provide the final density needed creating amazing results.

What is the FUE hair transplant technique?

The Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) is a technique aimed at obtaining follicular units that can be used for hair transplant without slicing the skin as it happens in the strip technique. This transplant technique uses a surgical tool, called punch, with a dimension of less than 1 mm to create a tiny circular incision around the superior part of the follicular unit, which will be extracted directly from the scalp.

The main advantage of this technique lies in the fact that follicular units are extracted directly from the scalp, which means that there is no need for stitching up the incisions afterwards.

The technique does not leave scarring to the same extent; only white points of a size of 1-2 mm on the area where the follicle has been extracted. These are easily camouflaged later with tricopigmentation.

Tricopigmentation can greatly enhance the result of a FUE hair transplant as well as the FUT (strip) transplants.

Tricopigmentation and FUE are often combined to produce an excellent solution to male and female hair loss.

The benefit of tricopigmentation over traditional scalp micropigmentation is the fact that the special pigment will fade within a couple of years leaving no residue. A simple maintenance session can keep the result looking fresh without having to worry about undesirable colour changes of the pigment. As we age we can simply let the pigment fade away if we want to without the need for laser treatments. Furthermore, the cost of treatment is usually lower than permanent SMP.

The hair transplants industry worldwide has now recognized tricopigmentation as a valuable treatment to enhance surgery results to provide the ultimate hair simulation solution.

Over time, more and more FUE surgeons have adopted tricopigmentation as an ideal compliment to boost the appearance of density.

The tricopigmentation system developed by Milena Lardi (Beauty Medical & Pigmentalia) is used by many of the top transplant surgeons worldwide endorsing the high quality of this system.

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  • Vincenzo Gambino
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