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5PM Shadow SMP Pigment

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5PM Shadow Original, BLVK and Midnight Brown are formulated and used in-house by world-renowned scalp micropigmentation trainers John Chandler, Fernando Cortes and Ryan Kingsbury.

5PM pigments are trusted by SMP artists around the world.


What is 5PM Shadow (Original)?

Formulated by Scalp Co, one of the most respected SMP training academies in the United States, 5PM Shadow is used daily by many leading technicians and has become the world’s most widely used SMP pigment.

Talented artists John Chandler, Fernando Cortes, Ryan Kingsbury, Omar Hernandez Suarez and Wilson Andres use 5PM Shadow Pigment to produce world-class results.

5PM Shadow is a tried and true pigment with thousands of real-world results. 5PM Shadow is a concentrate that can be mixed and diluted to create 2 to 60 shades depending on the client’s skin tone and specific needs, with no color change guaranteed.

What is 5PM Shadow (BLVK)?

Based on the same formula as 5PM Shadow (Original), 5PM Shadow BLVK (Black) is the darkest, blackest SMP ink available.

Perfect for darker-skinned clients, 5PM Shadow BLVK is used the same way as the original product but you are able to achieve darker dilutions for clients who require darker pigmentation.

What is 5PM Shadow (Midnight Brown)?

Scalp Co’s latest formulation, 5PM Shadow Midnight Brown is a dark brown pigment for artists who would prefer to use color, providing safe, reliable, lasting results an artist can be proud of. Ideal for clients with brown, blond or even ginger hair for ultra-realistic results.

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  1. Zena Bratcher

    So good so far! Looking forward to seeing the long term results.

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  2. Brett Smith

    Have tried most of the popular brand pigments and find 5PM Shadow gives most natural ‘true’ black results.

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  3. Rafael Rodriguez

    The best company with the best products!!!! Amazing!!!

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  4. Sonya Lowe

    I love 5pm shadow it is a great pigment that stays true. The mixing chart is easy and clear to use. Team micro are fast and reliable with their deliveries.

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  5. Lara Trirarupananon

    Amazing results with this pigment!

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  6. Grant Emerson

    Amazing pigment. Great purchase

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  7. Enoch Glover

    This is a great ink

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  8. Genesis

    Fast and perfect I will try this pigments

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  9. rebecca.mercado

    The ONLY SMP Pigment you’ll ever want to use

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  10. daga.korecka

    Excellent response and service

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  11. Tamer Taha

    Excellent product!

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  12. johana

    Great product ! The best for smp

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  13. derek mitchelson

    Fast delivery excellent service

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  14. franmiale70


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  15. Dawn Schwab

    Great product and have found retention is really good

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  16. Alis Lara

    Thank you very much fast delivery ?

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  17. Richard Carey

    Excellent service

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  18. George Hasan

    Amazing products, natural ingredients. Clients amazed by the results. Thank you Team Micro.
    George Hasan.

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  19. M

    Super ??????

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  20. Stella Charitidou

    Great quality ,fast delivery

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  21. michele.partipilo

    Very good

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  22. Lizeth Villalobos

    Estoy muy contenta, por lo fácil que pude realizar la compra, fue muy sencillo y seguro. Les agradezco el servicio, pues de esta manera mi negocio puede funcionar a tiempo.

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  23. Angel Febus

    Have not use it yet, but from what I’ve been seeing, it is great pigment. Team mucro, really great job on shipping, I got my product really fast. Thank you.

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  24. Jessica

    So far the pigment sticks well. Still monitoring results. I am pleased.

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  25. magdacortez

    I love love this pigment! I been using it for almost two years and it have great retention!

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  26. shanti.madikattu


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  27. Ryan Kingsbury

    The best SMP pigment on the market used by more professionals than any other brand.
    Tested tried and true for many years.
    Organic and carbon based made with witch hazel and distilled water.
    It comes with a custom dilution chart to match the right shade with skin tone, hair color, and ethnicity.
    I’ve used it 4 years now and when used properly by trained professionals with the right pressure, the healed results are second to none and always 100% natural and hyper realistic.
    I’ve attached a picture of a job I did that was almost 2 years healed when I took it and looked like I did it the day before.
    The results speak for themselves.
    5pm Shadow is #1 rated and most used.

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