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Article syndication is a way to republish content from other websites to improve the experience for visitors to your own website. Providing great content improves site authority, reduces bounce rate (which is important for SEO) and increases conversions from traffic to bookings.

To ensure your website remains Google compliant, and to avoid copyright issues, you must include a rel=canonical link from your version to the original version published on

A rel=canonical link tells Google that you’re republishing an article from elsewhere and avoids any duplicate content penalties. If you’re using WordPress, get the Yoast SEO plugin or All In One SEO Pack plugin, copy and paste your chosen article into your site, go to the plugin settings for that post and enter the URL into the Canonical box for the original version of the article on

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syndication rules

Choose no more than 10 articles from the list below

You must include a rel=canonical link as described above

You may edit the content, but links embedded in the articles must remain intact

Do not use images contained within the articles. The copyright owners have not given permission to use their images on 3rd party websites

Please respect our rules. This content is the copyright of Team Micro Ltd, and non-compliance will compel us to file a DMCA copyright complaint.