$ 6.50

Connect your Cheyenne Hawk machine to any non-Cheyenne power supply with an RCA connection.

$ 6.50

Connect your non-Cheyenne machine to any Cheyenne power supply.

$ 48.00

This Cheyenne foot switch is compatible with all Cheyenne PU1 and PU2 power supplies. This is the only pedal that does not require an adapter to work with these power units, so if you use Cheyenne, we recommend this foot switch.

$ 595.00

Used for many years for all kinds of permanent makeup, paramedical tattooing and scalp micropigmentation, the Cheyenne Hawk Pen was a best seller for a very long time and remains a favorite among artists of many disciplines.

From: $ 250.00

Directly compatible with all Cheyenne handpieces, the PU1 and PU2 power supplies have been a mainstay for micropigmentation artists for many years. Can be used with non-Cheyenne machines with a cable adapter.

$ 790.00

The Cheyenne Sol Nova is the new kid on the block. Hot on the heels of its stablemate, the Cheyenne Hawk Pen, the Sol Nova promises lightweight and powerful performance with a focus on precision, making it ideal for permanent makeup and scalp micropigmentation procedures.

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