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$ 69.00

Want to join the wireless revolution? The Dragonhawk Mast U1 battery pack is the perfect, cost-efficient solution that fits onto any RCA connected handpiece. Lasts about 6 hours and takes 3 hours to charge from empty. Delivery: Up to 2 weeks

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$ 99.00

The Gemini is an ultra-reliable budget power supply, perfect for new PMU and SMP artists or for use as a training, travel or backup unit. Dependable and simple to use.

$ 180.00

An exceptional quality power supply from Critical, the Atom provides simple power adjustment and features a bright color-code system to indicate the current power level. Excellent engineering and built to last.

$ 195.00

Possibly the world's most popular power supply among permanent makeup and scalp micropigmentation artists, the Critical Atom X features a bright LED power display and memory function for fast and easy setup.

$ 175.00

As with all Kwadron products, the Nemesis power supply provides bulletproof, dependable usage and exceptional value for money. The Kwadron Nemesis will outlast most other tattoo power supplies on the market.

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Directly compatible with all Cheyenne handpieces, the PU1 and PU2 power supplies have been a mainstay for micropigmentation artists for many years. Can be used with non-Cheyenne machines with a cable adapter.

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