From: $ 75.00

The go-to product for scalp micropigmentation practitioners looking to provide the most natural SMP results. Formulated and used by world renowned clinic and training academy, Scalp Micro USA.

From: $ 15.00

The safe and reliable scalp micropigmentation pigment system used by industry professionals worldwide. With much less fading than many pigments on the market, results are crisp, long lasting, and treatments can be completed in less time.

From: $ 70.00

Alivio scalp micropigmentation pigment, formulated and used in-house by the world renowned artists Paul Clark and Simon Lane of Brandwood Clinic.

From: $ 75.00

5PM Shadow scalp micropigmentation pigment, formulated and used in-house by world renowned trainers John Chandler, Fernando Cortes and Ryan Kingsbury, and trusted by SMP artists worldwide.

$ 59.00

Hemp-infused black carbon-based scalp micropigmentation pigment, as used by many leading SMP professionals. Faster healing. Better retention. Resistant to color change over time.

$ 35.00

Formulated by Clinique Scalp Élite in Quebec, Canada, Scalp Élite scalp micropigmentation pigment does not require dilution. Each bottle is precisely blended to produce distinct and consistent shades from 1 (lightest) to 8 (darkest). Take the guesswork out of mixing.

From: $ 5.00

Permablend's new colored scalp micropigmentation pigments are formulated for scalp procedures, including multiple shades for most situations. The range also includes a modifier pigment and a thin shading solution.

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