From: $ 189.00

We believe the NEO is the best value pen machine on the market. Compact, lightweight and low vibration, the NEO accepts all generic fit needle cartridges and is supplied with a full 6 month warranty for your peace of mind.

From: $ 679.00

The world's best-selling permanent makeup machine, the Spektra Xion S by Microbeau is used for all forms of PMU, paramedical tattooing and saline removal. Proudly manufactured in the United States, the Xion S changed the game immediately upon launch and continues to outsell almost every other machine available.

From: $ 1,249.00

A beautifully engineered premium permanent makeup machine by Microbeau, the Bellar is designed for delicate procedures like hairstroke brows and eyeliner. The most precise handpiece available, the Bellar remains a firm favorite among artists who do a lot of eyebrow work by machine.

From: $ 919.00

The Microbeau Apollo is the first and best machine designed solely for scalp micropigmentation procedures. Its perfect weighting and ergonomic pendulum design are ideally suited to long SMP sessions, improving accuracy and reducing hand fatigue.

$ 249.00

With two interchangeable grips, the Gemini accepts both generic fit needle cartridges AND many PMU cartridges from Nouveau Contour and Precision Plus. Just switch the grip and you're ready to go.

$ 649.00

The Bishop Liner Wand machine boasts a brushless Faulhaber motor with custom winding made specifically to provide more torque and speed. Intended for all types of line work, dot work, black & traditional work. It has a fixed 5mm stroke and a recommended working voltage of 5.5v – 7v.

Out of stock
$ 83.00

Why wait 3 to 10 weeks for delivery from China? The genuine Dragonhawk Mast Tour is in stock at our USA and UK offices. We sell at the same price as the Chinese supplier, and offer fast delivery worldwide in just 2-4 days. Please note: current wait time is extended to 5-10 business days.

Out of stock
$ 599.00

Possibly the most adaptable machine on the market, the AXYS Valhalla allows you to change both the stroke length AND the needle protrusion with the Valhalla's grip. Whatever permanent makeup procedure you are doing, finely tuned adjustment is right there at your fingertips.

$ 345.00

Manufactured in Poland by Kwadron, one of the world's leading tattoo machine brands, the Equaliser Proton is virtually indestructible. A true all-rounder, this machine will provide many years of service and will not let you down.

$ 375.00

The Inox Lady V2 is the second edition of the lightweight permanent makeup machine from Glovcon. Perfectly designed for permanent makeup procedures and paramedical micropigmentation.

$ 595.00

Used for many years for all kinds of permanent makeup, paramedical tattooing and scalp micropigmentation, the Cheyenne Hawk Pen was a best seller for a very long time and remains a favorite among artists of many disciplines.

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