$ 19.95

This smooth Rescue Balm can be applied on fresh Permanent Make-up on lips and provides intense care. It reduces feeling of tension and can have a detumescent and soothing effect. The high content of propolis acts as an antibacterial, antiviral and antifungal. Panthenol aids the natural skin regeneration Monodose; 5 x 2ml

$ 19.95

COOL is a specially developed rescue gel for eyeliner treatments. The cooling care gel may be applied to the freshly pigmented eyelids immediately after treatment. The tube is then closed and given to the customer for home care. Monodose; 5 x 3ml

$ 22.95

This enriched active ingredient care has been formulated to permanently maintain your pigmentation on lips, eyes and eyebrows. Your PMU remains visible longer, fine hair strokes and contours remain visible longer. THIS IS A 30ml AIRLESS BOTTLE

$ 19.95

Oily serum lubricant, highly enriched with specific assets for the treatment of sensitive skin. Helps to soften dry skin during the treatment. Paraben free. 30ml tube.

$ 19.95

Colour stays inside – germs stay outside! Allows the skin to “breathe”. The silicone stimulates the production of elastin and collagen, supports wound healing and prevents scarring Monodose; 5 x 2ml

$ 20.95

Cleanser with powerful detergent properties for use during treatment and home after care. This is a special PH neutral concentrated gel so you can be sure the treatment is clean, safe and hygenic. Safe for use around the eyes and paraben free.

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$ 46.00

Use during the first days after your micropigmentation treatment. SOS2, balancing Balloon Vine Extract, Panthenyl and regenerative agents such as Vitamin E and Avocado will recover your skin like an invisible First Aid.

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