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Yorkshire clinic offers £995 scalp micropigmentation treatments

Studio Aesthetics scalp micropigmentation in Yorkshire

As many of you know, I am always wary of clinics that advertise rock-bottom prices for scalp micropigmentation. A low price often means a compromise in quality, an unacceptable trade-off where scalp micropigmentation is concerned.

However, every now and then a genuine offer is made available. Obviously we only class an offer as genuine if it is made by a clinic that offers consistently good results, and that’s exactly what’s just crossed my desk.

Headed by lead technician Leon Walker, Studio Aesthetics is a West Yorkshire scalp micropigmentation company, located in the heart of Wakefield town centre. A team of four technicians, the company is building a reputation as one of the finest SMP clinics in the North of England.

A great result by Studio Aesthetics in Wakefield
A great result by Studio Aesthetics in Wakefield

Studio Aesthetics is offering full scalp micropigmentation procedures at an incredible price of just £995, including up to 3 treatment sessions. In return, Studio Aesthetics must be able to use photographs of your treatment for marketing purposes.

Aside from this amazing offer, here are some great reasons to choose Studio Aesthetics for your procedure:

  • Skilled and experienced micropigmentation artists
  • Highly professional clinical environment
  • Friendly and empathetic approach
  • Ideally located near Leeds with easy access to major transport routes

To claim this offer

Simply call Leon Walker on 01924 290870, and quote Team Micro.

Studio Aesthetics offers a professional clinic setting with multiple treatment rooms and a welcoming environment

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