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What to expect from your first scalp micropigmentation session - Team Micro

What to expect from your first scalp micropigmentation session

first scalp micropigmentation session

So you’ve booked your scalp micropigmentation treatment, and want to know what’s next? Of course you do. The chances are you’re probably feeling nervous or excited (usually both), and you want to know what comes next. Well, let me explain.What will happen on the day?The exact routine will obviously vary from clinic to clinic. This is general guidance only.When you arrive at the clinic, usually you would be asked to follow your consultant or technician to a private area for a pre-treatment discussion. If you haven’t had a consultation yet, now is the time. Otherwise, the conversation is likely to be a brief recap or summary of the objective. Make sure your technician is fully aware of what look you hope to achieve. Although you may have discussed this already during your consultation, it is always a good idea to reiterate your wishes, especially if your consultation was with someone other than your technician.Following this discussion, you will be lead to the treatment room or booth. Again, the order of proceedings will vary depending on the clinic, but the first step is usually to choose your hairline position, shape and style. Your technician will use a charcoal, wax or makeup pencil to draw out your hairline, and together you will adjust it until you are satisfied. This can take time, and the process shouldn’t be rushed. It is common for the design of your hairline to take half an hour or more to confirm.Next, your technician will assess your pigment requirements, density requirements and closely inspect any scars or other blemishes within the treatment area. Remember you have the option to keep scars in place if you wish, in fact it is common for clients to request that smaller ‘battle scars’ remain in place to enhance the authenticity of their new look. There is some logic behind this, leading some clients to request the inclusion of small fake scars to complete the illusion.Finally, your technician will set up their machine and your treatment will commence.If you’ve been concerned about how much your treatment will hurt, within 15-20 seconds you should start to feel some relief. The pain level really isn’t that bad at all, and as you settle into the session, you’ll find you notice it less and less.Make sure your technician takes regular breaks of 30 seconds or so. Not only does this help to kepe you relaxed, it also enables your technician to reset their vision and remain focused. They will appreciate these short breaks as much as you will. Every now and then, take the opportunity to check your progress. Most technicians will keep a hand mirror somewhere on their workstation for this purpose.During the average 3 hour session, you are usually granted a longer break of 15-30 minutes. This is ideal time to use the bathroom, grab a coffee or a light bite to eat, have a cigarette break (if that’s your thing) and assess your progress in more detail. Your technician will also need this downtime to recuperate, as concentrating hard for a length of time can be quite tiring.When your session is complete, your technician will discuss with you what has been done, and anything they noticed during your session. By this point they should be able to provide some insight about the plan for your second session, although some may reserve judgment until your pigmentation has settled and your skin has healed.Here are some of the most common questions:What should I wear?Sounds like a stupid question, right? Actually you’d be surprised how many people ask. The answer is very simple – wear something comfortable. bear in mind you’re going to be sat in a chair or laid on a bed for 3 hours or more, so don’t wear your Sunday best. You want something that is light and airy.Should I cut my hair?Assuming you are male, your technician will need to shave your hair off before they commence treatment. This is done at the clinic prior to your session starting, so whether you choose to shave your head at home, or let your technician do it at the clinic, is entirely up to you.Slight edit: Some clinics will request that you arrive with your hair already shaved.Can I take painkillers?Yes, if you wish. Pain levels really aren’t that bad, however you may feel more comfortable with a little help. Any painkiller based on paracetamol or codeine is fine. Anti-inflammatory painkillers such as ibuprofen will have little effect.Please note: Do not take blood-thinning painkillers like aspirin, as this will encourage bleeding during your procedure. If you are already taking medication that thins your blood, please consult a suitable medical professional, and advise your technician. It doesn’t mean you can’t have treatment, but they do need to be aware.Can I use an anaesthetic cream?Some technicians allow it, others don’t. Some may even supply the anaesthetic cream, whilst others allow you to bring your own. Check with the clinic beforehand.Can I have a drink for Dutch courage?The obvious answer is no. If you arrive intoxicated, your technician is likely to refuse to treat you.Can I wear a hat to hide any redness on the way home?Yes. Just ensure the hat is loose-fitting and does not contain fibres that could catch your scalp. Hats made from wool are not a good idea. A nylon-based beanie or baseball cap is ideal.

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