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SMP is a safe and painless procedure that involves the implantation of pigments into the scalp. These pigments are placed in a way that mimics the appearance of real hair, creating a natural and uniform look. This is how Scalp Micropigmentation has become the most sought after technique for people with baldness problems in Boston, as well as for those who have a lack of hair density or visible scars on their head.

Yes, Scalp Micropigmentation in Boston offers you the opportunity to regain your confidence and your hair image. This technique adapts to your needs and preferences, regardless of your age or gender. It can help you camouflage baldness, sparse hair or scars on the scalp. All you need to do is contact your SMP specialist to plan the details of the service.

Scalp Micropigmentation (SMP) is a hair solution in Boston that not only conceals baldness, but also takes care of your existing natural hair. Your sessions usually last between 2 and 4 hours. The pigments used in SMP are special for the scalp and do not damage the actual hair. In addition, SMP is a safe and painless procedure that is performed under local anesthesia. After the treatment, the client can resume normal activities the next day.

Scalp Micropigmentation, or SMP, is not a permanent treatment, but it can maintain its optimal appearance for more than 5 years with proper care. However, touch-up sessions are usually recommended every 3 years. Factors such as the client's lifestyle, sun exposure and the quality of the pigments used can influence the duration of the procedure.

Can SMP Help Me?


In Boston, Scalp Micropigmentation is an increasingly popular option for people suffering from total or partial baldness. It is an effective alternative to other treatments, such as hair transplantation, as it offers natural and long-lasting results.


If you are looking for an effective, long-lasting and affordable hair solution, SMP is the ideal choice for you. It will restore the appearance of density to your hair without affecting your existing hair.


Visible scars can cause self-esteem issues. Luckily, Scalp Micropigmentation (SMP) is a cosmetic technique that can help you regain your confidence.


Alopecia can cause self-esteem issues. Luckily, Scalp Micropigmentation (SMP) is a cosmetic technique that can help you restore a natural and uniform appearance to your hair.


Scalp Designs

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The city of Boston offers some of the best, and unfortunately some of the worst scalp micropigmentation clinics in the United States. Whilst exceptional work is carried out in Boston on a daily basis, it is crucial that all clients conduct thorough research before committing to any procedure as there are providers here that are known for producing sub-standard work and provide scant post-treatment support. 

A key consideration here is price. Whilst not always the most important indicator, those clinics that do the best work tend to charge a little more as their reputations allow them to remain fully booked regardless. As for some of the providers that do not treat their clients in the way they should, their poor reputations are starting to catch up with them, forcing them to lower their prices to continue attracting clients. For this reason, men and women seeking scalp micropigmentation services in Boston should be particularly wary of clinics that charge significantly less than their rivals.

One of the best clinics in the city is Scalp Designs. Headed by John Toti, a veteran in the SMP world, his substantial portfolio and great reputation stand him head and shoulders above the majority of other clinics in the state of Massachusetts.

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