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SMP USA: Scalp Artist International (Wichita)

Scalp Artist International
Wichita, Kansas

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With two clinic locations in Colorado and California, our team attracts a discerning clientelle from across the United States and beyond. Respected by industry peers and competitors alike, Scalp Artist International sets the benchmark for others to follow.

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Wichita scalp micropigmentation client shares his experience

Kansas scalp micropigmentation

Losing your hair at a young age is something that many of us can relate to. For Clinton, a resident of Wichita KS, this event started when he was just sixteen years old.

Seven years later at the age of twenty three, Clinton finally put his hair loss anxieties to rest when he discovered the scalp micropigmentation process. His clinic of choice was Good Look Ink, a well respected single-location provider in Burnsville MN, just a few miles south of the city of Minneapolis.

Going bald is a difficult process, and sometimes the thought of looking older is hard to accept. At age sixteen however, it’s really tough. He had enough hair remaining to get himself through high school unscathed, but when he went to college Clinton found himself wearing a hat every day, to every class.

The fear of being discovered continued after college too, to such an extent that he would only apply for jobs where he could wear his hat. Clinton found that his hair loss was becoming an obsession, and was ruling every aspect of his life. That’s when he started to look for a way to fix his problem, once and for all.

When Clinton finally discovered SMP, his first decision was to look for a scalp micropigmentation provider in Kansas. When his search drew a blank, he looked elsewhere in neighboring states and found nothing.

He widened his search again, and stumbled upon Good Look Ink. The clinic was a short flight away, and their results looked promising. When he called the company, they greeted him warmly and offered to help by booking his flights and accommodation. Clinton was sold, and a short while after, he was sitting in the technicians chair at their offices in Minnesota.

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