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SMP USA: Scottsdale Head

Scottsdale Hairlines

Scottsdale Hairlines is a Scalp Micropigmentation Clinic, dedicated to treating women and men in their fight against hair loss. Fronted by clinic owner Sherene, her fierce and heartfelt compassion for her work has gained her a multitude of satisfied patients. Having initially trained at Scalp Micro USA in New York, she then went on to receive further intensive training in her chosen art form withJonathan Gerrow.

Recognising SMP as a game changer for the lives of men and women alike, Sherene and her team, with their professional approach, offer an initial consultation which places the client at ease. Thereafter, Sherene and her team will guide you through the procedure and discuss your tailored requirements for both preparation prior to treatment, along with the all-important aftercare needs.

Located on the Arizona metro circuit Scottsdale Hairlines is an easy find and also extremely accessible. Road and air links are great and with the clinics incredibly approachable nature you couldn’t be in better hands.

T: +1 (602) 680-0008
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Introducing Scottsdale scalp micropigmentation technician, Sherene Treat

scalp micropigmentation technician in scottsdale arizona

For what is a relatively small city nestled on the outskirts of Phoenix, Scottsdale is home to a growing selection of scalp micropigmentation providers. In fact, there are more SMP technicians located in Scottsdale than the rest of Arizona combined. What is driving this trend is unclear, however the uptick in SMP services is almost certainly connected to the culture of entrepreneurship in Scottsdale, as well as the availability of specialist training in the area.

Sherene Treat is the owner and founder of It Girl Diva, a high-end boutique studio offering various micropigmentation services including microblading and machine-applied permanent makeup. Within It Girl Diva Sherene has launched Scottsdale Head, offering a range of scalp micropigmentation services for men and women who suffer with hair loss.

Since receiving specialist scalp micropigmentation training in early 2017, Scottsdale Head has performed many SMP procedures and demand is increasing all the time. With no shortage of people struggling with thinning hair, and a general desire among her clients in Scottsdale to look and feel good about themselves, Sherene’s services are in high demand.

Passionate about offering the very best service she can, Sherene continues to invest heavily in training, honing her skills with the very best in the world.

I am always in the pursuit of getting better. I didn’t learn from someone via a 2 hour course, or even a 2 day course, or learned from someone who learned from someone. Each time the skill is handed down, it’s diluted. I’m still learning and I’ll never stop.

Sherene frequently attends additional workshops, events, receiving the best training and learning the most current and cutting edge techniques. Sherene’s dedication to learning is clearly evidenced by the number of referrals and reviews she receives, with most of her income derived from customers who were recommended by her previous clients.

Located on E McDonald Drive in the heart of Scottsdale, Sherene caters for a diverse clientele including local men and women based in the city, as well as a large number of men and women from Phoenix and elsewhere in Arizona. Such is Sherene’s reputation, with a rich pedigree in the broader micropigmentation field, some clients even travel from out of state to have their scalp micropigmentation procedures at Scottsdale Head.

How to contact Scottsdale Head

IT Girl Diva Studio
7110 E McDonald Drive, Suite B-1
AZ 85253
United States

T: +1 (602) 680-0008

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