SMP USA: Scalp Co (Sacramento)

Scalp Co
Sacramento, California

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John Chandler has performed over 2500 individual scalp micropigmentation treatments. He is regarded as one of the most skilled SMP artists in the world and heads Scalp Co, a high quality boutique scalp micropigmentation clinicwith locations in Sacramento and Fresno, California.

John offers the one on one full service doing hair fillers for women, treating male pattern baldness, and is regarded as one of the best in the industry in hair transplant scar camouflaging treatments.

T: 1-833-SCALPCO
E: [email protected] | W:

SMP USA: Nuhair Ink

Nuhair Ink
Sacramento, California

NuHair Ink was founded on a simple principle – to provide life changing results. NuHair ink has performed hundreds of individual scalp Micropigmentation treatments and fibroblasting procedures.

Because of their extensive experience and training they have been able to become a leader in the Scalp Micropigmentation industry.

NuHair Ink is a full-service hair replacement clinic that offers. Scalp MicroPigmentation, Facial Pigmentation, Scar Camouflaging, Hair Thinning Fillers, Wrinkle Reduction, Scar Correction and Skin Tightening.

If you are looking for a premier provider with amazing reviews check NuHair Ink in Sacramento and Roseville.

T: +1 9168008305
E: [email protected] | W:

SMP USA: Ultimate Image Ink

Ultimate Image Ink
Sacramento, California

Nina Ragan, Founder of Ultimate Image Ink, first used pigmentation methods to camouflage hair loss in 2003, long before the scalp micropigmentation industry as we know it today came into being. As one of the original pioneers of this kind of camouflage for baldness, Nina has always strived to provide her clients with the best possible solutions for hair loss.

Ultimate Image Studio is a full-service hair replacement, wig, and hair restoration studio providing non-surgical restoration and replacement solutions since 2001. Their team of compassionate hair loss professionals provides you with the ability to make an informed decision on which treatment options are best for your particular case.

T: +1 916-624-0154
E: [email protected] | W:

sacramento scalp micropigmentation reviews

Sacramento Clinic ScalpMP out of business

Scalp micropigmentation in Sacramento

We have reasonable grounds to believe that Californian scalp micropigmentation clinic Scalp MP, located in Sacramento, may have gone out of business.

Unfortunately we are unable to ascertain the full facts due to a complete lack of contact with the provider. This is what we do know:

  • We have tried on six separate occasions to contact the company by phone, at various times of the day, but no-one ever picks up.
  • There are a number of complaints circulating, all recent, about unreturned calls and emails.
  • We know of two clients who have reported they received bad procedures, but have been unable to contact anyone to resolve the issue.
  • A close competitor has reported similar issues, unprompted by us, fitting the same timeframe as reported by others.
  • Their monthly advertising bills with Team Micro are in arrears due to non-payment. No contact despite chasing.

As ambassadors for the scalp micropigmentation industry, it fills us with sadness to see the demise of any provider. Although we do not know for sure what is going on at Scalp MP, all the signs are pointing to an obvious conclusion.

Of course it’s annoying when a company owes us money, but our primary concern is the welfare of prospective clients, and the decision of whether or not to continue raising awareness of the company on our website.

It is with regret, therefore, that we recommend all prospective clients choose an alternative provider. If you need assistance with this, please contact our team.

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