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SMP USA: Studio Meraki

Studio Meraki
Portland, Oregon

Sitting comfortably on Northeast Grand Avenue in Portland, Oregon, Studio Meraki is a predominantly female team of technicians providing a multitude of procedures. Offering Microblading & Micro Pigmentation Scalp Restorations Treatments along with Permanent Makeup Solutions you’ll be in super safe hands.

Their expertise and in house academy gives their technicians the option of remaining at the top of their artistic game. Constantly mentored and forever learning and educating themselves has provided the Meraki team with sparkling, five-star reviews.

You can either reach out to Meraki via their email or go online and book a consultation directly. Their friendly Portland welcome will always be guaranteed as are the results post-treatment. Travel links to Portland are easy and public transport and road links are in abundance.

T: +1 (971) 337-5401
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Studio Meraki Launch Scalp Micropigmentation Service

portland scalp micropigmentation clinic

Studio Meraki is an upscale microblading and permanent makeup clinic located in the city of Portland. Lead Technician Justin Johnson recently added scalp micropigmentation to his repertoire of services, making Studio Meraki the first SMP clinic in Portland.

Portland is a safe, very clean and beautiful city, factors that led to a real estate boom as thousands of families flocked to the city for a more enjoyable way of life. The scalp micropigmentation industry has been slow to catch on, leaving those interested in the procedure no choice other than to travel to neighboring California or Washington for treatment.

Portland scalp micropigmentation technician
Justin Thomas, Lead Technician

Justin Johnson is a highly skilled and reputable technician. Whilst many practitioners from the world of microblading have struggled to transition into scalp micropigmentation, Justin, with mentorship from fellow technician Thomas MacDonald, has enabled an already well-reviewed company to punch well above its weight, and compete with the very best in America.

If you’re located in Oregon and are looking for a scalp micropigmentation clinic, it is critically important to do your research. Justin has settled for nothing but the very finest training, so prospective clients can rest assured that their treatment needs are in very capable hands.

What impresses the most, aside from the beautiful yet highly professional surroundings at Studio Meraki, is the quality and diversity of treatments Justin has performed. His portfolio includes treatments on clients of every skin tone, both male and female, with a wide range of individual requirements. Although his competency in performing standard shaved-look treatments is abundantly clear, Justin is also skilled in the art of long hair micropigmentation, for male and female clients who wish to keep their hair at its current length.

Justin is a licensed tattoo artist who received his training in scalp micropigmentation at Scalp Aesthetics, an industry leader with locations in more than 30 countries. Justin completed one-on-one training with Bryce Cleveland, Owner and Founder of Scalp Aesthetics, and is mentored continuously by Thomas McDonald, one of the world’s finest SMP artists.

I caught up with Justin and asked about his motivations for getting involved in scalp micropigmentation:

I got into SMP after years of insurance sales, and not feeling like I was giving back. I knew I had to do something to fulfill my life spiritually. It was about a year into her microblading career when my wife first heard about scalp micropigmentation, and I was fascinated by the idea. After 10 months of tattoo school in the state of Oregon, followed by my SMP certification, I was finally able to spend each and every day changing lives for the better. Whether for medical reason or some much-needed self-confidence, the sense of satisfaction I feel is so gratifying.

Justin is committed to providing an outstanding treatment experience. He takes the time to connect with each of his clients, and is fanatical about attention to detail. These qualities are clearly evident in the standard and consistency of his work, therefore we would not hesitate to recommend Justin and Studio Meraki as a preferred scalp micropigmentation provider in Oregon.

Contact Justin Johnson

Studio Meraki
191 NE Grand Ave
OR 97232
United States

T: 971-337-5401

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