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SMP USA: Gerow Hair Ink

Gerow Hair Ink
Manhattan, NYC

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A veteran of the scalp micropigmentation world, Jon was one of the first full time practitioners, starting his career in 2009 when there were just 3 clinics worldwide. Since then, Jon has completed thousands of successful treatments and changed the lives of customers from across the globe.

Jonathan works alongside Erik Roberto, a hugely talented practitioner with 25 years of barbering experience, 12 of which as the owner of Erik Barbershop, one of the most in-demand barbers in New York. Erik’s scalp micropigmentation work is unquestionably world class, and working alongside Jonathan, they complete on average 6 treatment sessions every day, working 6 (sometimes 7) days each week.

Clients who choose Gerow Hair Ink are assured of a first class service at all times, and the very finest expertise the industry has to offer. From standard hair loss to alopecia and scars, Jon and Erik have handled every situation imaginable and have vast experience of even the most challenging cases. Rest assured, you’re in safe hands.

T: +1 (866) 964-3769
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SMP USA: Scalp Micro USA (New York)

Scalp Micro USA
Manhattan, NYC

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Founder of Scalp Micro USA, Matthew is one of the longest tenured scalp micropigmentation experts in the world, having treated well over 3,500 clients globally.

Working first as a Lead Practitioner and Head Consultant at a larger clinic, Matthew spread his wings and now runs possibly the most successful clinic in NYC. Often booked 7 days a week for weeks or months in advance, Scalp Micro USA has recently expanded into larger offices in midtown Manhattan and remains one of the world’s most recommended and in-demand providers.

From the moment of first contact, Matthew is personally involved in each case and personally treats or oversees all clients from start to finish. Focused on creating natural hairlines and camouflaging unsightly transplant scarring, Scalp Micro USA is a leading outlet for scalp micropigmentation, delivering nearly 1000 successful treatment sessions per year.

T: +1 (646) 882-1207
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SMP USA: Hairline Ink (New York City)

Hairline ink
Manhattan, NYC

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In their New York office, lead practitioner Chris Lopez is regarded as one of the very best in the business. In high demand and booked for several weeks in advance, Chris produces some of the best work out there and as a result, Hairline Ink is a serious contender in NYC.

We specialize in modern yet natural results, and first class client service. Much of our business comes through word of mouth and referrals, which is perhaps the best testament to our reputation as one of the best, not only in NYC but in the entire New York state.

T: 312-239-3830
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SMP USA: Vinci Hair Clinic (New York City)

Vinci hair clinic
Manhattan, NYC

Located at 42 W 44th Street, the New York office of Vinci Hair Clinic is the company’s second US location following the successful opening of their first clinic in Miami. 

Originally a hair transplant provider, Vinci Hair Clinic added scalp micropigmentation to their services in 2011 and since then, SMP has become their most popular hair loss treatment with combination FUE/SMP procedures also available.

With more than 30 clinics worldwide, clients are assured of a first class service by a leading authority in SMP. With their experience and knowledge of the wider hair restoration industry, many clients choose Vinci Hair Clinic as they appreciate the backing of a genuine medical provider.

T: (844) 948-4624
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SMP USA: ParaScalpMicro Institute

Manhattan, NYC

Located Central Park South, lead practitioner SAMANTHA CHAM, CPCP, CPT of PARASCALPMICRO performs & teaches the latest most advanced technology in Scalp & Paramedical micropigmentation, PRP & Stem Cell Hair Therapy. SPCP member (Society of Permanent Cosmetic Professionals), CPCP (Certified Permanent Cosmetic Professional) Certified Natural Tattoo Removal and CPT (Certified Phlebotomist). PARASCALPMICRO preforms the highest quality natural look for Hairline & Crown Density in the industry for Men & Women. Unique to the Scalp Micropigmentation industry we don’t require our clients to shave their head. It takes more precision to do scalp with hair. We spend our time to customized your hairline, color, shade & Nano needle size for your hair/head to achieve the most natural result.

T: +1-347-803-5255
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A Short Profile of an NYC SMP Industry Leader Jonathan Gerow

When Jonathan Gerow was a small kid in his hometown of Rochester NY, he developed a strong passion for art and music. He followed in his parents footsteps as they were both lovers of the arts and music.

When he was a teenager Jonathan, self-taught, he learnt how to play the guitar and became an accomplished artist at school. As he matured and moved into his early twenties he decided to follow that creative passion and became a renowned tattoo artist.

Around that time he received a heavy blow when he learned that his beloved mother was diagnosed with cancer. She was everything to him. Whilst trying to establish himself as a creative artist with a strong following, Jonathan managed to tear himself away at every opportunity and spent every spare moment with his Mom whilst she was receiving treatment and a tough regime of chemotherapy.

Jonathan first learned of scalp micropigmentation during this tumultuous time of his life and was fascinated by its potential.

I looked at what others were doing in those days and thought the final result could be a whole lot more realistic. The chemo patients that I had seen were losing their hair and some of them were devastated. This had a massive impact on me. After my Mom passed I dreamed about how I could help them and my Mom. I think it was my way of grieving for my Mom and following my passion.

Jonathan decided that he needed to broaden his horizons and headed to Europe to learn more about SMP following his dream. He received training from the folks over in Birmingham England who at that time were the inventors of SMP and were the ‘best of the best’. Jonathan explains further:

The SMP professionals at the time were doing more of a shading and some treatments looked very artificial, so I took it on myself to turn up the heat and develop our solution into more of a serious art form that observers would never recognize as it would be so realistic and blend.

Upon returning to the US he spent time working in Florida, working with a number of companies including HIS Hair Clinic for over 4 years (Jon still does referrals for HIS) and then he decided to finally work for himself.

For a short period of time Gerow was involved with a couple of partners in setting up a company called Hairlineink in New York City. However Jonathan soon decided to move on and established with business partner Erik Roberto in the Fall of 2016. Gerow explains:

There are no cookie cutter SMP patients; everybody needs a slightly different solution. There are so many variables including head shape, natural hair line, ambient room temperature, skin texture, condition and much more. My new Company listens a lot to our patients before we start the process so that a great outcome is inevitable.

So exactly what is the new company like? Besides being the single most busiest clinic in the world with a great team, including 5 technicians full time, Gerow loves to be hands on:

Well it’s not an impersonal Franchise! It’s more of an exclusive NYC Scalp Micropigmentation Center where art and passion for the process are never forgotten. As one of the leading practitioners of SMP I regularly work on NBA & NFL sports stars, TV celebrities and regular folks who just want to improve their overall profile and their self-esteem.

So what does the future hold for Jonathan and the SMP Industry?

I believe that sometime in the not too distant future the Scalp Micropigmentation Industry will be regulated. As the customers become more educated over time they will know and recognize what a final result looks and feels like. I want to play a role in helping as many folks as possible reap the benefits of this art form on our bodies. Whether it’s a patient with alopecia, pattern baldness or a chemotherapy patient who has lost his or her hair I want to help them. When Gerow is not at the clinic he is traveling abroad and doing Master classes around the world, to teach others the Art and Science of Scalp Micropigmentation.

Contact Gerow Hair Ink in NYC on 866-964-3769, visit or follow them on Instagram @jonathangerow and @gerowhairink.

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Master Artist Chris Lopez, Hairline Ink in NYC

“An artist is not paid for his labor but for his vision.” James McNeill Whistler

The New Yorkers who book with Christopher Lopez of Hairline Ink can vouch for that.

Christopher Lopez has been honing the artistic skills necessary to become a NYC micropigmentation technician for years. His background in the arts—his attention to detail, shading, perspective, folli-cle pattern, unique and calculated imperfections—makes his work nuanced and incredibly natural.

But why micropigmentation? Lopez says he could have seen himself pursuing other avenues with his art but he experienced first hand how the stigma of balding affected him and the men in the community he grew up in and wanted to do something about it.

Hair loss can feed into a vicious cycle for those already struggling. He saw this in his own father, working long hours to make ends meet. The more stress he would be under, the faster he seemed to lose his hair; the faster he would lose his hair, the more stress he seemed to be under.

Growing up how he did made Lopez keenly empathetic. Lopez first learned to channel that into his art.

I found myself always trying to draw different things I saw on the bus, on the way to school or just anywhere that I went, I always stared at different objects and mother nature and I would go home and draw what I had seen out in the world.

Eventually, genetics and environmental factors took their toll on him, too. Chris started losing his hair at only 18.

The shame and embarrassment of premature balding can be particularly difficult for men so young, and for Chris it was no exception. He tried everything to hide his quickly receding hairline, but by his mid-twenties he was desperate. His hair loss was so advanced that Lopez elected to have a transplant, but even then saw little to no change.

For years he thought there was nothing else he could do. He resigned himself to the fact he would be almost completely bald before thirty. The confidence and self esteem he had in his youth was gone—until he discovered scalp micropigmentation.

With scalp micropigmentation, Lopez not only found a solution to his hair loss, but a way to use his art in what he considers to be one of the most meaningful ways possible.

When I found out about scalp micropigmentation and had the treatment done, I knew it was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. It changed my life so much that I told myself: if I feel this good about getting this treatment, I wonder how much other people will appreciate getting it done by me […] and that brought me back to when I was young and wanted to help people out some-how in some way, and I knew that this was it. My work as a scalp micropigmentation artist is not just another job; it’s a life-changing career. I’m in it to help others improve their self-confidence and self-worth. If I can make others feel good about themselves through my work, then I’ve ful-filled my purpose. Scalp micropigmentation to me is unlike anything else I have ever been a part of because it literally transforms your life for the better in so many ways.

Chris now works at the Hairline Ink out of Manhattan.

Lopez was drawn to the studio because of the “brotherhood” they strive to create there. Hairline Ink only hires technicians that have undergone the procedure themselves and so they understand “where you’ve been, where you’re at, and where you’re going.”

Even though balding is such a common occurrence, the embarrassment it causes for many leaves a lot of men feeling isolated. Lopez says he makes sure his clients know that they’re not alone.

He believes that this empathy is what drives technicians like him to take the extra time with their clients to make sure they receive the highest quality customized treatment—because they under-stand exactly what is at stake.

Hairline Ink recently released a video documenting the Chris’s work with New Jersey native Har-vey V.

Harvey says this of his treatment:

I work with a bunch of dudes who like to bust chops and stuff, but one of the guys who’s actually a lot balder than I was, he was pretty amazed at how my head came out after the first session.

Check out the emotional reveal after the second and final session below.

Harvey’s family even weighed in on the change.

This is my nephew and trust me when I tell you everything he says during his treatment is genuine and from the heart. He is beyond ecstatic at the results and these guys did an amazing job.

Contact Christopher Lopez at Hairline Ink for a consultation today.

Hairline Ink: NEW YORK
225 West 35th St #201
New York
NY 10001

T. 585-250-0835

Scalp micropigmentation service now available in Westchester County

Many hundreds of men and women in Westchester County are known to have had scalp micropigmentation in recent years. With the world’s largest and most competitive market for the service not far away in Manhattan, the scalp micropigmentation services available are of a high standard and reasonably accessible.

Convenience, however, is becoming increasingly important. More often, prospective clients are looking for a clinic closer to home, not because they don’t want to travel for their initial procedure, but because they’re becoming increasingly aware of the ongoing need for assessments and top-ups every few years. Dealing with a clinic nearby makes the whole process from start to finish much easier. This is certainly true of clients in Westchester County who would prefer not to travel into NYC for scalp micropigmentation treatment sessions.

Dr. Andrew Kleinman, one of the most experienced and respected plastic surgeons in North America, operates a medical office within an impressive complex on 800 Westchester Avenue, Rye Brook.

Dr. Kleinman routinely performs hair transplant surgeries and other cosmetic procedures, and has teamed up with a world-renowned scalp micropigmentation expert to deliver outstanding procedures, either as a standalone process or in conjunction with surgical hair loss solutions.

Dr. Kleinman’s practice is backed by Hair Restoration Centers, one of the world’s largest and leading hair transplant providers. With a total of 10 offices including locations in California, Florida, Illinois, Minnesota, Ohio, Texas and of course, in New York, Hair Restoration Centers boasts an enviable physician partner list including some of the most highly regarded physicians in the business.

High on the Hair Restoration Centers mission statement, is the provision of excellent value procedures by the best physicians, making the most favorable patient outcomes accessible to everyone.

Hair Restoration Centers CEO Aaron Feldman, a veteran of the hair restoration industry and set to become a major contender in the scalp micropigmentation sector.

Hair Restoration Centers CEO Aaron Feldman is an industry veteran, previously a senior member of the Hair Club for Men executive management team where he developed and oversaw the surgical hair transplant division, building it into a multi-million dollar business.

Aaron was co-founder of the Foundation for Hair Restoration and Plastic Surgery, a national medical practice management company that manages select top doctors specializing in these fields. He was also the COO for Surgeon’s Adviser, where Aaron was instrumental in creating successful internet marketing and online patient acquisition strategies for cosmetic surgeons.

Aaron is also CEO of Top Pro Media Group, the parent company for Medical Practice Specialists, a niche yet hugely successful management and marketing consultancy serving the cosmetic medical industry.

What can patients expect?

For discerning clients who demand a professional medical environment for their procedure, Hair Restoration Centers in Westchester County is an ideal choice that combines the very highest standards of hygiene and safety, with first class outcomes and client care.

World class results like these are now available in Westchester County, removing the need to travel into Manhattan. This makes the process more convenient, not only for Westchester clients, but also those in Connecticut and western Massachusetts.

Patients benefit from a unique combination approach. Your new hairline, side profiles and overall treatment plan will be crafted by one of the world’s best scalp micropigmentation technicians, under the guidance of Dr. Andrew Kleinman, a master of the art of natural hair restoration.

Finding the clinic

800 Westchester Avenue is a vast and hugely impressive commercial complex, close to the Hilton in Westchester. If you’re driving to the clinic, take the I-287 as far as Rye Brook and turn off at Westchester Avenue. For assistance, use these Mapquest directions. If using public transport, Rye is the nearest train station, with a direct route to and from Manhattan.

Introducing Erik Roberto, one of the world’s finest scalp micropigmentation technicians

Erik Roberto has been at the forefront of the NYC barbering scene for almost a quarter of a century. After 24 years in the business, 12 as owner of one of the best and most in-demand barbershops in New York, Erik knows a thing or two about hair.

Erik was the first known barber to make the transition to scalp micropigmentation in NYC as a full time profession.

Trained by friend and business partner Jonathan Gerow, combined with the opportunity to work in a fast paced SMP clinic, Erik Roberto gained a huge amount of experience very quickly, and has developed into one of the very best practitioners in the business.

I’ve known Erik for a while now, and have watched Gerow Hair Ink become a formidable provider under his watch.

The company now has a fully fledged training program, a fantastic new office and teaching facility in Midtown Manhattan, a pigment line, some of the best marketing in the SMP industry and unsurprisingly, is treating more clients than ever before. A typical day sees as many as 8 treatment sessions completed, and the company is booked for weeks, sometimes months, in advance.

For me, scalp micropigmentation is more than just a means to an end. It’s a vehicle for me to realize my childhood dreams – to help people however I can. I know what it’s like to go through the trauma of losing hair. I myself had the procedure done in order to deny the notion of letting my hair define who I am and instead embrace who I was becoming. I have to say, I’m loving it.

Erik’s experience of running one of NYC’s most successful barbershops has provided him with a strong eye for effective marketing.

Responsible for many of the great promotional videos we’ve come to expect from Gerow, Erik and Jon are fully committed to the future of their company and helping as many people as possible escape the anxiety of hair loss.

How to contact Erik Roberto

Gerow Hair Ink
144 W 37th Street
Fifth Floor
New York
NY 10018
United States

T: +1 866-964-3769