International Hairlines: Everything You Need To Know

International Hairlines was born in beautiful sunny South Florida with locations in Miami and several other Floridian cities.

Due to the lack of regulations in Florida, there have been too many practitioners who have entered into the business with zero or little training and are looking to make a quick buck by consistently botching clients’ scalps and, even worse, training others in one or two days.

There are literally only a handful of good SMP artists in South Florida. One day Seif was talking to an old friend of his, Shay Nissim, and expressed his dismay with the number of repairs and correction treatments he is having to perform on a weekly basis.

So after a few conversations, Shay decided to start a new international scalp micropigmentation brand that associates with some of the world’s best SMP artists; a brand which will be distinguished for unbelievable and undetectable results consistently; an integrity-driven company that will nurture new artists for the long term, and not just train them in a couple of days and leave them “out in the cold” to fend from themselves, as is with the current status quo in many cases.

And this problem is not unique or confined to Florida – it is prevalent around the world, as we later came to find out. But where there is a problem, there is an opportunity to build something special – something much better.

Unlike other major brands in the world of SMP, International Hairlines aims to create an inclusive community of integrity-driven SMP artists by providing world class training by experienced master artists, along with continued ongoing support to new artists.

IHL master artists have been hand-picked to represent International Hairlines because of their proven outstanding work in SMP, but also their innate desire to help others succeed. Master artists serve in the capacity of mentors, providing artistic support as well as business development advice to newer artists.

Furthermore, while other major brands work to shield the individual artists from the public in order to claim credit for their work, IHL offers a completely different approach. Each artist (based on merit) will have the ability and choice to put their own name on the IHL brand and logo. That way individual artists will shine and will receive full credit for their work and will not feel the need to “escape” from underneath the “veil” that masks those artists operating under those other major brands.

IHL’s newer artists have undergone intensive training from some of the world’s top training clinics, but also continue to receive training support for a minimum of six months by International Hairlines mentors. This ensures they are completely prepared to take on paying clients with full confidence in their abilities.

If you are a new artist or looking to enter the business, contact International Hairlines in Miami at

The International Hairlines master artists consulting team currently consists of Seif Sidky (South Florida), David Hoffer (Southern California) and Brian Santora (New England), and are looking to add two more artists. Experienced artists with a proven record contact for inquiries regarding the mentorship program and compensation.

Our Technique

The name “International Hairlines” stems from their ability to accurately reproduce any type of hairline in a natural and undetectable manner. Whether it is a hard, sharp hairline, popular in the United States, or a softer, gradually receded hairline (more popular in Europe), widow’s peaks and every shape in between, they have practiced and perfected it all – hairlines from all around the world.

Since the hairline is literally in the forefront of scalp micropigmentation, IHL believe that if it lacks a natural appearance, the results will not look on par with our standards, so that is why they take great pride in their hairlines.

Aside from the hairline, IHL artists also pay very close attention to key factors such as blending, matching, feathering, density-building, texturing, scar concealment, etc… in order to produce those undetectable natural results.

Most practitioners have been trained to use one type of needle when performing scalp micropigmentation. Not IHL artists! They are trained to use different types of needles in order to achieve the optimal results. Not every skin type can be treated by one needle exclusively. The art and the experience rests in being able to determine when and where to utilize the many tools available at the artists’ disposal.

Striving for perfection, and nothing less

Every client that is treated by International Hairlines will not leave the final session of treatment without being 100% satisfied, as is their guarantee. Stellar reviews for all their artists is just the tip of the iceberg. From consultation to the final treatment, IHL pledge to always treat clients with courtesy and respect in a clean, comfortable, non-pretentious, and safe environment.

International Hairlines operates in the following cities:

  • Boca Raton, FL
  • Boston, MA
  • Copenhagen, Denmark
  • Miami, FL
  • Orange County, CA
  • Palm Beach, FL
  • Cairo, Egypt (Opening September 2017)

Contact IHL

T: (833) INTL SMP – (833) 468 6767