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SMP USA: Scalp Micro USA (Los Angeles)

Scalp Micro USA
Los Angeles, California

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One of the world’s most successful and respected scalp micropigmentation companies, Scalp Micro USA offers first class SMP treatments from their LA clinic, located on Washington Blvd, Marina Del Rey. From the first day of opening, the Los Angeles Scalp Micro USA clinic has been extremely busy and has quickly become one of the most in-demand providers in Southern California.

Successful scalp micropigmentation treatments require a high level of skill and technican aptitude, both of which are in good supply at Scalp Micro USA. With an international reputation and thousands of clients in their growing portfolio, few clinics worldwide offer a comparable pedigree in the SMP industry.

At Scalp Micro Los Angeles, we wanted to change the way people viewed hair loss and provide a sense of style and self for those looking for something new.

T: +1 (646) 882-1207
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SMP USA: Picasso SMP (LA)

Picasso SMP
West Hollywood, LA

Jeff’s career in hair and beauty is virtually unparalleled in the SMP world. After opening a chain of barbershops in Chicago, Jeff won the Beacon Award from Aveda, became a scalp micropigmentation artist in 2013 and offers treatments from his location in West Hollywood, California.

Picasso SMP is the official SMP trainer for Toni & Guy, educating their teams across the USA about scalp micropigmentation. In partnership with leading artists, Jeff also heads Leaders SMP, the world’s premier training academy for hair follicle replication.

Having treated thousands of clients, Jeff has developed his own distinct approach to procedures, with a strong focus on style and effective maintenance for a look that really enhances the final result.

T: +1 (480) 547-6246

SMP USA: Vinci Hair Clinic (Los Angeles)

Vinci hair clinic
Los Angeles

Owning a powerful reputation in hair restoration, Vinci Clinics have their feet firmly planted on the global map, Vinci first opened their doors as a surgical transplant clinic & after recognising that Scalp Micropigmentation was soon to become a booming industry, their first ever treatment took place in 2009 and they’ve never looked back.

Each of Vincis Clinics provide full and comprehensive SMP treatments using only the highly skilled and fully trained technicians. Coupled with their medical knowledge and state-of-the-art equipment and techniques their procedures are nothing short of ground breaking.

Without locations throughout the world, their Los Angeles clinic is well placed for not only national but also international patients. Being a short distance for the airports and with strong rail and road links your hair loss solution is easy and painless.

T: 844-948-4624
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SMP USA: Skalp Clinic (Los Angeles)

Skalp Clinic
Los Angeles, California

Skalp, Los Angeles is just one of a handful of clinics that create this impressive household name in the Scalp Micropigmentation industry. With practices reaching out across the globe they can provide treatments in a number of countries stretching from the US through to Europe, Ireland and the Mid-Orient.

Offering a training program for newcomers to the SMP business, Skalp have a strong reputation for being formidable leaders in teaching techniques offer workshops at affordable prices. With an ongoing insistence for creative rejuvenation, Skalps reputation and professionalism is undeniably strong.

For a comfortable Scalp Micropigmentation experience in Los Angeles you’ll need to make your way over to Westminster Boulevard. You’ll find it conveniently located just off the 405 and there are ample parking facilities along with great transport links for national and international clients. Home visits are available at additional cost.

T: +1 323-400-3595
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SMP USA: Scalp God

Scalp God
Los Angeles, California

Predominantly working with Scalp Micropigmentation, Scalp God also offer additional services in Stretch Mark Therapy, Scar Revision and Low-Laser Light Therapy. With highly skilled technicians and a background in the hair industry their clinic ensures a comfortable and welcoming SMP experience.

From their informative website you’ll be able to learn about the Scalp Micropigmentation journey you’re about to embark upon, including pre and post procedure measures along with the facility to book your initial consultation with Chante’l.

At Scalp God, providing an exquisite experience and delivering quality to their clients are just small components of their regime. Customer service in their establishment is a top priority. The happiness of Scalp God customers is of utmost importance.

T: +1 (909) 477-8888

deja vu scalp micropigmentation los angeles

Deja Vu Hair Studio
Los Angeles, CA

Deja Vu Hair Studio was created in 2004 by Tamir, a hair specialist for over 20 years, as part of his vision of a salon in Los Angeles that seeks superior techniques in hair replacement, modern styling and healthy, result producing hair treatments.

Scalp micropigmentation has become one of their most requested services. This procedure accurately replicates real shaven hair follicles on the scalp. The result is an illusion but a 100% natural looking and convincing look. When you look in the mirror, you will believe you have hair — and so will everyone else!

If you shave your head or are bald, scalp micropigmentation creates the appearance of living hair. If your hair is longer but suffers from thinning or bald patches, the process will “fill in” those areas making your hair appear denser.

T: 888 591 8881
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advice for los angeles clients

scalp micropigmentation options in la

Scalp micropigmentation was first made available in the United States in 2012 in New York City. Clinics offering SMP quickly opened in Los Angeles, and now there are a number of quality specialist providers to choose from.

It is important to note however that not all clinics are created equal. Some offer better results than others, while others provide great customer service and others do not. If you are considering scalp micropigmentation, it is important to peruse your options carefully to ensure you have not only the best treatment outcome, but also the most optimal experience overall with the backing and support that clients have now come to expect from their clinic as standard.

Clients should also be aware that the biggest name clinics are not always the best, and this is especially true in LA. Several independently owned and operated clinics offer superior results and better client care, and this is important given that this procedure is one you’ll have to live with for a long time.

Our recommended scalp micropigmentation clinics in Los Angeles are listed above. Always remember to arrange a free consultation before committing to any procedure, and ensure you take a list of questions with you to ensure you are fully aware of the nature of SMP and it’s long term implications.

SMP is an amazing hair loss solution for both men and women. It changes lives and improves confidence. Choose the right clinic, and you’re highly likely to get the result you want and the support you need over the long term.

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