HIS Hair Clinic consultation room

HIS Hair Clinic
Houston, Texas

Over the last 14 years HIS Hair Clinic has developed and mastered a viable alternative hair loss solution known internationally as Scalp MicroPigmentation or SMP for short, created an international reputation for excellence and established a worldwide network of hair loss clinics.

T: +44 (0)845 604 4618
E: info@hishairclinic.com
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Scalp Micro USA in Midtown Manhattan

Scalp Micro USA
Houston, Texas

Founder of Scalp Micro USA, Matthew is one of the longest tenured scalp micropigmentation experts in the world, having treated well over 3,500 clients globally.

Working first as a Lead Practitioner and Head Consultant at a larger clinic, Matthew spread his wings and now runs possibly the most successful single-location clinic in the United States. Often booked 7 days a week for weeks or months in advance, Scalp Micro USA has recently expanded into larger offices and remains one of the world’s most recommended and in-demand providers.

From the moment of first contact, Matthew is personally involved in each case and personally treats or oversees all clients from start to finish. Focused on creating natural hairlines and camouflaging unsightly transplant scarring, Scalp Micro USA is a leading outlet for scalp micropigmentation, delivering nearly 1000 successful treatment sessions per year.

T: +1 (646) 882-1207
E: info@scalpmicrousa.com
| W: www.scalpmicrousa.com

Vinci Clinic in Manchester

Vinci hair clinic
Houston, Texas

Initially Vinci Hair Clinic were solely a Medical Clinic, offering treatment and surgical hair restoration, but in 2009 introduced Micro Scalp Pigmentation to their range of hair loss solutions. As a medical clinic they have an understanding of different scalp disorders and hair loss conditions, as well as hair line design and facial bone structure.

T: 020 714 501 12
E: info@vincihairclinic.com
| W: www.vincihairclinic.com