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Top Scalp Micro
Hendersonville, North Carolina

Top Scalp Micro is owned and operated by Ray Diaz. We first encountered Ray when we enrolled him onto the Scalp Micro USA training program. Ray immediately struck us as a highly passionate and conscientious individual with a strong drive to succeed. We are very pleased that a high quality service provider now exists to serve clients in North Carolina.

Ray began experiencing hair loss at the age of 19 while serving in the US Marine Corps. After serving in the Military, he began wearing “hair systems” to hide his baldness. After a few years of frustration, he decided to change his look altogether and started shaving his head. Once Ray discovered Scalp Micropigmentation he knew this was his answer. After he received his treatment he knew he wanted to share this with others and help them with their hair loss struggles. Ray has experienced the benefits and confidence that Scalp Micropigmentation will give you and is passionate about his work.

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