SMP USA: Scalp Co (Fresno)

Scalp Co
Fresno, California

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John Chandler has performed over 2500 individual scalp micropigmentation treatments. He is regarded as one of the most skilled SMP artists in the world and heads Scalp Co, a high quality boutique scalp micropigmentation clinicwith locations in Sacramento and Fresno, California.

John offers the one on one full service doing hair fillers for women, treating male pattern baldness, and is regarded as one of the best in the industry in hair transplant scar camouflaging treatments. John’s attention to detail and obsessive passion for his craft makes him a standout among the many providers of scalp micropigmentation nationwide.

T: 1-833-SCALPCO
E: [email protected] | W:

SMP USA: Semper Hair

Semper Hair
Fresno, California

Semper Hair LLC was founded in 2014, to offer affordable hair loss solutions to men and women in the Central Valley of California. Simon, the Founder of Semper Hair and an alumni of one of the major SMP companies, is a micropigmentation expert specializing in the camouflage of pattern baldness and transplant scars in men, and alopecia-related hair loss in women. Local physicians regularly refer head-related trauma and surgery scars to him also.

Smaller boutique scalp micropigmentation clinics often struggle to compete against their larger rivals, especially in a place like California. Having had lengthy discussions with Simon, it is clear that the reason for his success is the highly personal service he offers, and his unwavering empathy for others. Having served in Pediatrics for ten years, Simon truly cares about the welfare of his clients, more so than any other technician I have encountered, so clients are absolutely assured of a first class service.

T: +1 (559) 568-HAIR
E: [email protected] | W: