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Founder of Scalp Co, John Chandler began his SMP journey in the world-renowned HIS hair clinic. Since launching his very own clinic Scalp Co is gaining ground and going from strength to strength. Johns razor-sharp eye & precision for his talent is enabling him to stand heads above the crowds in the world of Scalp Micropigmentation. And to add, his training program allows him to share this knowledge and skills with others.

Alongside the SMP treatment Scalp Co can offer you a comprehensive guide to immediate and long-term aftercare. Each of his clinics is fully equipped, contemporary and sleek and pledge the promise of a fully comfortable experience during treatment. Free consultations and payment plans are available, paving the way to an additional client satisfaction experience.

Located around half an hour South of Denver in Parker, Scalp Co is a sought after location for Scalp Micropigmentation procedures. And with great rail, road and air links the journey to resolving your hair loss really is at the end of your fingertips.

T: 1-833-SCALPCO
E: [email protected] | W:

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Eddie Lopez, from balding guy to renowned Denver scalp micropigmentation technician

Eddie Lopez heads Scalp Artist International in Denver, Colorado. Much more than that, he has become an internationally recognized figure in the scalp micropigmentation industry, admired not only for the quality of his work, but for his highly developed business acumen, his honest and empathetic approach and his constant desire to provide the very best experience he can for his customers.

I’ve known Eddie for a long time, and always had a huge amount of respect for his work. Eddie won a well-deserved award for ‘Best Business’ at the Scalp Micropigmentation Conference in Scottsdale in October 2016, in recognition of his positive contribution to the SMP industry.

Eddie is full of ideas, always willing to provide a word of wisdom and encouragement to his fellow scalp technicians, and is an all-round great guy. For clients who really feel they need a technician they can trust, Eddie Lopez is the ideal candidate.

I asked Eddie to write a short piece outlining his own experience with hair loss, and how he became one of the world’s best technicians. Eddie obliged, and his response is published below.

Eddie Lopez

My story is a familiar one for all of us bald folks.

I started to thin in my early twenties and was completely bald by my late twenties. During the struggle I utilized the birds nest technique with gelled curly cues combed forward. I cut it shorter and shorter much like the length we use on our clients. I wasn’t a chemistry set guy, sprayer or sprinkler.

Eddie Lopez and Joe Taylor
Eddie Lopez with colleague Joe Taylor at our 2017 Meeting Of Minds conference.

I remember being very embarrassed at family events. I would wear dress hats, base ball caps and even bandannas. It was horrible. So during my late twenties when I realized it was over; I started to shave my head.

Shaving my head gave me a new lease on life… No more embarrassment, hats or crazy hair styles. Being Hispanic, the only draw back was that the bald look is sometimes associated with the streets. I made up for that by dressing better and not wearing jerseys too often. So as the years passed, I was content.

Then one day my cousin sent me an mms message. He had a fresh line up and was looking awesome!!! So I txt him back and asked him what he did. He replied and pointed me in the SMP direction. I thought man this is awesome, but I know the internet can be misleading at times. So I made the trip from Denver to Tucson to see for myself. It didn’t take long. I remember arriving late in the evening and him coming out of his garage.

You can imagine an all day trip with a 4 year old and two of my sisters kids….. I was exhausted. Anyway, I saw him and I instantly froze, dropped my bags and walked right up to him. As I looked in amazement I could hear myself saying “I’m getting that….. I’m so getting that”. He laughed and helped me and the kids get settled. As the night went on we spoke of many things and I just kept saying “I’m getting that….. I’m so getting that”!!! I don’t care how much it costs or where I have to go…. “I’m getting that”!!!

So I had my procedure done in Scottsdale. During that process I said to the owner; the same thing virtually everyone says… this is awesome I want to learn how to do this… I bet you can make a lot of money… I want to open a location. He took my request seriously and told me that he had someone lined up for Denver. I was crushed. I told him to let me know if anything changed.

About a month or so went by…. I was standing in my wireless store and my technician called me. I was like hey bro whats going on. He informed me that Denver had opened up and was wondering if I was still interested. I was like no not at this time….. yeah right… I was like YEAH!!!

My face to face training took place in Scottsdale and continued in Denver prior to opening. I had a list of friends who I planned on working on to hone my skills prior to open and I did just that!!! When I opened, I was on par with industry as far as procedures go… your talking 50 plus hours of training and 5 live procedures. I was told by my trainer that you either get it right away or never at all. Anyway, 3 years later, a hand full of trainees and a couple of awards under my belt, I’ve been deemed a Master Artist/ Master Trainer/ Mentor.

Scar camouflage
Eddie’s scar camouflage work is among the very best in the business.

It has truly been my honor to be a part of the SMP Movement. When I first started in the business, I only saw dollar signs. Now I dream in dots. If you want to be successful in this industry, make sure you get the message of it. HELP people change their lives. Give them back that piece they lost. Be for the industry. Don’t bash others or their entities. Find a way to encourage others while not self promoting. I realize this snip it is about me but really I’m one of many. The ones who recognize the positive direction of the industry and aren’t afraid to acknowledge others for their accomplishments. Stay focused and God bless.

How to contact Eddie Lopez

Scalp Artist International (Denver)
90 Madison Street
Suite #200
CO 80206
United States

T: +1 (720) 477-8171
E: [email protected]

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