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Scalp Designs
Boston, Massachusetts

Scalp Designs are extremely knowledgeable about hair loss and are recommended by well-renowned hair restoration companies all over New England. Hired by well known Dr’s and Dermatologist’s to conceal hair transplant scars, restore receding hairlines and thinning areas without going under a knife.

With a lot of confidence in my skills, I worked on and completed my own head! Looking in the mirror with a hairline was the most incredible feeling. I took back my Confidence, and that’s when I decided I was going to start my own company. I had found the solution and I felt free again. Now I free others who are hostage to the hat, Toppik, a hairpiece or have endured multiple failed hair transplants.

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Scalp New England
Boston, Massachusetts

Brian was trained by Joe Taylor, and is one of the few skilled artists certified in New England. Brian opened his office in 2015 just North of Boston, and has been making a name for himself ever since. He works with some of the top SMP companies and technicians throughout the world, and is training individuals and other technicians on advanced SMP techniques.

At Scalp New England, Brian works with each client very closely to produce the exact results each client desires. Brian takes pride in seeing the result and the joy it brings to his clients when the procedure is finished. Clients from all over the New England area such as New Hampshire, Connecticut, Rhode Island, Vermont, and Massachusetts come to Scalp New England, because they know they are getting quality work from a qualified technician..

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Brian Santora, scalp micropigmentation expert from Boston, MA

Brian Santora

Brian Santora is an exceptionally talented scalp micropigmentation technician. His office is located in Wakefield, just a few miles north of Boston, Massachusetts.

I first noticed his work on my Facebook news feed about 6 months ago, and I’ve been following his progress ever since. Brian is turning out some of the best work in the United States right now, and he’s getting even better as time progresses.

I asked Brian to share with us a little of his personal history, which is published below with his kind permission.

I remember laying in bed looking up different hair loss solutions. At this point in my life, I had just shaved my head after wearing a hair system for well over ten years. I remember thinking, “there’s got to be a better solution out there for dealing with hair loss”, and thats when I came across scalp micropigmentation.

Now, lets rewind a bit.

I started losing my hair when I was around 22 years old, and it was devastating. At that point in my life I was a professional dancer, traveling all over, performing and teaching. Being on stage constantly, I wanted and needed a youthful look.

The Boston office
Soon after receiving his treatment, Brian Santora trained as a scalp micropigmentation technician and opened his office in Wakefield, MA.

I looked into getting a hair transplant, and realized that I wouldn’t get the look I wanted, and would be spending a small fortune on getting that done. My next step was Hair Club For Men. Wearing a hair system wasn’t my first choice, but at least I would get the fullness I wanted. I wore a hair system for around 10 years until I just didn’t want to deal with it anymore. The maintenance alone was tiring. So, I eventually shaved my head and it didn’t look that bad, but I still didn’t have that youthful look I wanted. I tried sprays, powders – you name it, and I tried it.

Thats when I started looking at other options. I can’t remember exactly what I was searching for online, but I stumbled upon scalp micropigmentation by accident.

I went for a consultation at a clinic in my area and was really excited. Unfortunately I should have researched more options before taking the plunge. Long story short, my experience wasn’t as good as I thought it was going to be, and my results weren’t to my expectations.

After finally receiving my treatment at a reputable clinic, and giving me the look that I wanted from the beginning, the feeling it gave me was incredible.

scalp micropigmentation technician in boston, ma

I knew at that moment that I wanted to be involved with such an amazing procedure that I knew was, and is going to change lives. It’s the same feeling I get when I perform or teach, and see the excitement on the faces of the audience and my students. At that point in my life, I started my training to become a scalp micropigmentation artist, and I have to say it’s been one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. The feeling of helping someone, female or male, conquer hair loss once and for all, is the most amazing feeling.

I am now a proud owner and technician at Scalp New England, the leading scalp micropigmentation clinic in Boston. As a technician, my goals are to provide each and every client, from the moment they walk into my office, the knowledge of what scalp micropigmentation is, and how it can help change their lives in a positive way. This is a big step for anybody looking into hair replacement, and I always tell my clients, it’s the last step they’ll ever take to battling hair loss.

How to contact Brian Santora

Scalp New England
931 Main St, Unit One
MA 01880
United States

T: +1 (978) 451-0046
E: [email protected]

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