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Take years off your appearance with scalp micropigmentation, the world’s fastest growing solution for hair loss, now available for men and women in Atlanta, Georgia.

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scalp micropigmentation for men

Most men experience hair loss at some stage in their lives. However much hair you’ve lost, from slight recession of your hairline to more advanced thinning, or even total baldness, scalp micropigmentation is the answer you’ve been searching for.

Our Atlanta SMP clinic has vast experience of dealing with all kinds of male hair loss. Whether you want an ultra-natural undetectable outcome, or a sharp barbershop edge-up, or perhaps you want to keep your existing hair length and use SMP as a density fill, we have the skill and artistic talent to create the look you really want.

hair loss solutions for women

For women, hair loss can occur rapidly, without warning, and often causes a great deal of distress. Whilst there are many things that can cause the onset of female hair loss, pinpointing the specific trigger can be difficult, and the effects of thinning hair can be long lasting.

Scalp micropigmentation is often used as a density fill treatment to hide the effects of hair loss in women. By reducing the contrast between the scalp and remaining hair, thinning hair becomes much less obvious, usually enough to more or less restore the clients previous appearance and their confidence.

fut scar half finished treatment

hair transplant scar camouflage

Thanks to the booming hair transplant industry in Atlanta, many men in the city bear the scars from surgery. Strip (FUT) scars are common, as are dot (FUE) scars. Both become increasingly hard to disguise as more hair is lost over time.

One of the most common applications of scalp micropigmentation, scar camouflage is our specialist area. The purpose is to blend the scarred area with surrounding skin to reduce the appearance of the scar tissue. In many cases we are able to reduce the visibility of the scar by as much as 90%. We can provide an estimated coverage level when we see your scar.

alopecia concealment

Alopecia is a growing problem for both men and women. Despite extensive research over many years, little is still understood about this condition, and although treatments exist, their efficacy is limited to say the least. Scalp micropigmentation is the only guaranteed solution for alopecia, and specific treatments are now available at our clinic in Atlanta.

Scalp micropigmentation is equally effective against all alopecia types including areata, totalis, barbae and traction, as well as derivative types like telogen effluvium.

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