Scalp Masters Of Atlanta

Scalp Masters of Atlanta
Atlanta, Georgia

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Headed by Milla Rosen and Serge Bovbalan, clients can expect a highly professional experience from start to finish. With a long list of satisfied customers, rest assured you’re dealing with talented technicians who put your best interests at the core of what we do.

As fully licensed estheticians, our scalp micropigmentation experience covers almost any requirement imaginable. From regular genetic hair loss to aggressive alopecia, burns and surgery scars, our team has seen, and tackled, a full spectrum of scenarios. Whatever your individual needs, you can be sure that Scalp Masters of Atlanta has seen it before, and provided a highly effective solution.

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SMP USA: Hair Simulation Company

Hair Simulation Company
Atlanta, Georgia

The Hair Simulation Company and its sister company, Permanent Makeup of Atlanta, have been in the game for over nineteen years and have performed over fifteen thousand procedures! Hair Simulation Company provides solutions to give the appearance of added density to your Hairline, Sides, and Crown.If your eyebrows have started to vanish, our Eyebrow Microblading technique can absolutely help.

We have a specialized technique of Scalp Micro-Pigmentation (SMP). Our SMP technique is done to achieve the look you want. If you want a lighter more natural look, we offer a lighter SMP technique depending on your needs. Our experts will discuss all your options depending on your skin color, lifestyle, head shape, and age…

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Introducing Scalp Masters Of Atlanta, an internationally recognized SMP provider

Scalp Masters Of Atlanta

Atlanta was one of the first American cities to host a dedicated scalp micropigmentation clinic. Scalp Masters of Atlanta, headed by Sergiy Bovbalan and Milla Rosen, is arguably the most experienced SMP clinic in Atlanta, with almost a thousand clients treated at their clinic in Roswell.

For over 15 years Sergiy and Milla have run a successful hair loss clinic, offering a range of products and services to those experiencing thinning hair. With years of hair loss knowledge and the addition of micropigmentation, Sergiy and Milla have become the go-to technicians to receive treatment for individuals suffering hair loss, or simply trying to restore a more youthful look.

Milla Rosen is an aesthetician by trade and has been a member of the American Academy of Micropigmentation (AAM) for 15 years. Rosen is also a license educator for AAMP, helping other technicians achieve her meticulous technique.

Sergiy Bovbalan is a licensed cosmetologist with 10 years of running a successful hair loss business. Bovbalan has a degree in education and has become a mentor to those wanting to earn success in the pigmentation industry. With three awards under his belt, one being for the creation of outstanding natural hairlines, Bovbalan has helped clients of different backgrounds gain the confidence they seek through scalp micropigmentation. Bovbalan being one also affected by hair loss, he understands the struggles that come with androgenetic alopecia, and other forms of hair loss, hence why this industry is very rewarding for him because he knows what micropigmentation can do for a persons confidence.

As in all major US cities, there are good scalp micropigmentation providers, and others that are not so good. Talent and experience set the best technicians apart from the rest, therefore it is vitally important that all prospective clients conduct thorough research for committing to any procedure.

I met Sergiy and Milla at the Scalp Aesthetics conference in Arizona, in late 2016, but I was aware of their work long before then. The duo have always had an exemplary reputation, and were widely recognized as providing one of the best scalp micropigmentation services in the United States. Therefore, I have no hesitation whatsoever in recommending their service, to anyone looking for a quality SMP procedure in the South Eastern USA.

There are currently three artists in the clinic, and three more in training. Rosen’s and Bovbalan’s dedication and passion to help others achieve the best version of themselves, is what has made their clinic a success.

Contact Scalp Masters Of Atlanta

880 Holcomb Bridge Road
GA 30076

T: +1 (470) 286-6639
E: milla[email protected]

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Introducing Nouveau Clinic, Atlanta scalp micropigmentation experts

Saechelle Bisson and Evie Delaney

Evie Delaney and Saechelle Bisson are a Mother and Daughter team and the face of the Nouveau Clinic, a scalp micropigmentation specialist clinic in Atlanta, Georgia.

Specializing in paramedical artistry, Evie and Saechelle provide exceptional quality scalp micropigmentation procedures for men and women. Services such as hair transplant scar camouflage and eyebrow restoration are also available.

Evie and Saechelle trained extensively with leading experts in the field of scalp micropigmentation and the paramedical arts worldwide. To date they’ve completed over 15,000 cosmetic restoration procedures. Saechelle is also a certified scalp micropigmentation trainer for Scalp Artist International.

Nouveau Clinic has been in business in the Atlanta area for over 17 years. Clients travel to their location in Alpharetta from all over the world, and come from many varied backgrounds. This is because, with a combined 25 years experience in cosmetic and medical restoration services, Nouveau Clinic are experts in the special requirements of ethnic skin.

Another procedure underway at Nouveau ClinicOur Team specializes in Scalp Scar Camouflage and Natural Hairline Restoration for both Men and Women.

As Paramedical artists, Nouveau Clinic works with a network of medical affiliates, hair transplant surgeons and hairstylists that specialize in the camouflage of thinning hair.

As female practitioners of scalp micropigmentation, Evie and Saechelle provide their clientele with a unique combination of technical expertise, as well as a woman’s eye for color, detail and esthetics. They fully understand and appreciate the importance of liking what you see in the mirror. The duo are passionate about their clients, the artistry of micropigmentation, and using their talents to change lives. They believe when we look good, we all feel amazing!

How to contact Nouveau Clinic

5755 North Point Pkwy
Suite #40
GA 30022
T. +1 (404) 948-5975
E. [email protected]