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SMP UK: Scalp Micro UK

Scalp Micro UK
st albans, hertfordshire

Scalp Micro UK is unique in its work being a clinic that specializes solely in Scalp Micropigmentation procedures. Award winning and well known within the SMP industry, Scalp Micro UK is famed for sparkling performances and meticulously high standards, with an emerging presence now stretching across the pond into the USA.

Scalp Micro UK work across the board, offering Scalp Micropigmentation treatments to a wide range of clients, covering a multitude of hair loss conditions and their customers include men and women alike. In addition to performing the ground-breaking SMP procedure, Scalp Micro can also give fully certified training at a number of locations including tailor-made training at ones own independent clinic.

Scalp Micro UK is owned and run by its technician, Mr Scalp, AKA Craig Bottomly-High. His award-winning talent has taken him far and wide, enabling him to share knowledge and educate in the field of SMP. Craig is the current title holder of the 2019 Best UK Technician award and is truly at the top of his game.

Located just outside of London in the leafy suburbs of St Albans in Hertfordshire Scalp Micro UK provides an informal and easygoing environment for consultations and treatments. Transport links are plentiful making it a great choice for London based clients.

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Scalp micropigmentation clinic in Hertfordshire

scalp micropigmentation in hertfordshire

Situated just North of London, you would expect there to be a range of scalp micropigmentation clinics based in Hertfordshire. If you live or work in Hertfordshire, it makes a lot of sense to try to avoid the capital and have your SMP procedure closer to home. Unfortunately, options are extremely limited.

A couple of permanent makeup artists in the area offer a scalp micropigmentation service, but we haven’t seen any good results and cannot therefore recommend them.

You should be super careful. This is more than just a tattoo. Scalp micropigmentation is a highly specialised process, and should only be performed by a technician with specific training and experience. Tattooists and permanent makeup artists are poorly equipped to deliver acceptable results, and only those with scalp micropigmentation training should be approached for this procedure.

However, we are pleased to announce that a genuinely world class clinic is now open in St Albans, Hertfordshire. Run by micropigmentation and male grooming experts with solid training and a great track record, we have no hesitation in recommending Scalp Micro UK. Furthermore, their prices are much more reasonable than what you’re likely to find in the city.

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