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Vinci Clinic in Manchester

Vinci hair clinic
shieldfield, Newcastle Upon Tyne

Located inside Rotterdam House in Shieldfield, to the south of Newcastle city centre, Vinci Hair Clinic offer scalp micropigmentation consultations for clients interested in a hair tattooing procedure. VInci do not do procedures from this office, but they do provide an opportunity to discuss SMP face to face with a consultant before committing to travel to one of their practicing clinics.

Vinci Hair Clinic is one of the worlds longest established scalp micropigmentation clinics with offices worldwide. For people considering this kind of hair loss treatment, Vinci offer a strong track record and enviable expertise.

T: 020 714 501 12
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SMP UK: Mens Lasting Enhancements

Lasting Enhancements
Swalwell, Newcastle Upon Tyne

Based in Swalwell, not far from Newcastle’s Metrocentre, Men’s Lasting Enhancements provide scalp micropigmentation treatments for men experiencing hair loss.

The company is headed by Danielle Cavanagh and Linda McFarlane, seasoned veterans in micropigmentation with over 18 years of combined experience. Trained at world-renowned Brandwood Clinic, the company is arguably the leading SMP provider in the North East of England.

Treatments at Men’s Lasting Enhancements are suitable for a wide range of conditions. Although most clients are suffering with typical pattern hair loss, many ask for help to camouflage scars from hair transplants or other surgery, or to hide the effects of alopecia.

T: 07801 628 223
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