53 Fountain Street
M2 2AN

T: 07504 862366
E: info@advancedsmp.co.uk
W: www.advancedsmp.co.uk

About Advanced SMP

Advanced SMP is ideally placed for clients looking for a quality, no-compromise scalp micropigmentation service in the centre of Manchester, without big company price tags.

Our service is completely personalised to the needs of every client. We care about your journey, understanding that you need us to be there for you long after your treatment has taken place, so we take our responsibility towards customer care very seriously.

As a client of Advanced SMP, you benefit from the following commitments:

  • No client with standard requirements pays more than £800 for SMP with us
  • Top-ups every 3-4 years cost no more than 50% of your original treatment price
  • Clients can send photos to our team at any time for a free assessment
  • We use only world class equipment, needles and pigments at all times
  • Both our clinics are fully licenced and insured

Lead Technician Maya Khan is one of the few practitioners in the UK to be dual-trained in both permanent SMP and temporary tricopigmentation. Having received the best micropigmentation education available, Maya has built her reputation on service and great results, at a fraction of the price of the larger clinics.



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