Vinci Clinic in Manchester

Vinci hair clinic
Manchester, Lancashire

Initially Vinci Hair Clinic were solely a Medical Clinic, offering treatment and surgical hair restoration, but in 2009 introduced Micro Scalp Pigmentation to their range of hair loss solutions. As a medical clinic they have an understanding of different scalp disorders and hair loss conditions, as well as hair line design and facial bone structure.

Vinci’s Manchester Hair Clinic is located in the centre in Manchester. As one of our SMP centres of excellence, this clinic is ideally located for clients wishing to have our revolutionary Scalp MicroPigmentation treatment. We frequently perform SMP on clients from Manchester, Liverpool, and other surrounding areas. Our Manchester clinic also offers consultations for a wide range of hair restoration services and consultations for hair loss.

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SMP UK: Skalp Clinic (Manchester)

Skalp Clinic
Manchester, Lancashire

Skalp® have become known as the leading experts in Scalp Micropigmentation. With five clinics locations across the UK, Europe and the USA (London, Manchester and Edinburgh, New York, Naples).

Our Manchester clinic is located in the beautiful Grade II listed Barton Arcade, between Deansgate and St Ann’s Square.

We at Skalp recognise that you’ll want to have your procedure carried out at a discreet, professional and accessible location. We only employ people-people so you will be greeted with a genuine smile and made to feel welcome and at ease.

T: +44 (0)845 094 1516
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HIS Hair Clinic consultation room

HIS hair clinic
Manchester, UK

HIS Hair Clinic is owned and managed by Ian Watson CEO & Co-Founder and Ranbir Rai-Watson Co-Founder, an innovative duo who are dedicated and passionate hair loss experts, specialising in both hair loss for men, Ian and hair loss for women.

Our clinic in Manchester follows exceptional demand from our clients in the North of England and Scotland for a clinic location closer to home. Our Manchester clinic is staffed on a rotational basis by the same practitioners as our London and Birmingham clinics, and provides our clients in the North with greater access to our treatment.

T: +44(0)845 359 2924
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Scalp micropigmentation options in Manchester

Scalp micropigmentation options in ManchesterIn recent years, the city of Manchester has become a centre of scalp micropigmentation excellence. Although Birmingham may have been the birthplace of modern SMP, and London attracts more international clients than any other city in the world, Manchester has become a powerhouse in its own right, and now plays host to some of the world’s very best technicians.

There is a total of five recognised scalp micropigmentation clinics in Manchester:

  • HIS Hair Clinic
  • Vinci Hair Clinic
  • Skalp Clinic
  • DHI Manchester
  • Manchester Tattoo Cosmetics

The first three on the list – HIS Hair Clinic, Vinci Hair Clinic and Skalp Clinic – are the UK’s largest providers, and all three come highly recommended. HIS Hair Clinic is based on Oxford Street, not far from the Palace Theatre. Vinci Hair Clinic is located on Piccadilly in the Northern Quarter, and Skalp Clinic is at Barton Arcade in Deansgate.

I have never seen a result by any DHI clinic that I believe compares favourably against the leading providers, so I cannot recommend them. I also advise steering clear of Manchester Tattoo Cosmetics as they publish no actual results, and have declined numerous opportunities to show us examples of their work.

So for the purposes of this City Guide, we will focus on HIS Hair Clinic, Vinci Hair Clinic and Skalp Clinic.

Who travels to Manchester for treatment?

Several hundred people every year get scalp micropigmentation in Manchester, and they travel from far and wide. Obviously those in the surrounding areas of rural Cheshire and Lancashire are likely to choose a Manchester clinic purely for convenience. In addition, many travel from Sale, Stockport, Bury or Bolton, or even from Liverpool, Leeds and Sheffield, and some from even further. For example, a complete lack of clinics in Cumbria, Tyneside and even Northern Ireland encourages many people to make the journey to Manchester.

Why do they make the journey? Because the city enjoys world class transport links and is therefore easily accessible, plus the range of quality scalp micropigmentation clinics available, is unrivalled outside of London.

HIS Hair Clinic

The innovators of modern techniques, HIS Hair Clinic created what we now refer to as scalp micropigmentation back in 2002. Their process was perfected over a period of several years, commercialised, and later emulated by clinics around the world.


HIS Hair Clinic’s Manchester office is based on Oxford Street, just a couple of hundred yards from the Palace Theatre and surrounded by bars, coffee shops, hotels and other conveniences. 61 Oxford Street is a relatively small office building set over a number of floors. As you enter the main reception area, HIS Hair Clinic is immediately to the left on the ground floor.

There is a reasonably sized NCP car park directly opposite, although be warned – parking is extremely tight and quite expensive.

Vinci Hair Clinic

One of the world’s largest and most trusted scalp micropigmentation clinics, Vinci Hair Clinic has been operating successfully in Manchester for many years now. Offering hair transplantation as well as SMP, Vinci offers combination procedures and standalone scalp micropigmentation.

Skalp Clinic

Known for creating some of the worlds most natural hairlines, Skalp Clinic in Deansgate is a popular choice for those wanting exceptional quality scalp micropigmentation treatments in the city of Manchester.

Please note that all offers are available on a strictly limited basis, and can change at any time depending on demand. For example, most clinics withdraw offers when they’re operating at full capacity. The best offers are not available when booking direct and are rarely repeated here on Team Micro, therefore apply now to avoid disappointment.

Getting to Manchester

The M60 outer ring road connects Manchester to the motorway network, so getting to the city centre by car is easy, although traffic in the city can get very heavy during peak times.

Many clients prefer to leave the car at home and travel by train. The nearest station is Oxford Road, accessible by light rail from all other Manchester stations. Manchester Airport is very well facilitated, and offers easy travel into the city centre. Finally, clients travelling from Northern Ireland may consider taking the ferry. The obvious route is from Belfast to Liverpool, but given the extra time and additional cost, most Northern Irish clients choose to fly into Manchester.

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A day in the life of a Manchester scalp micropigmentation technician

A day in the life of a Skalp practitionerThis article was written by Marcin Dobiasz, a Skalp Clinic technician based in Manchester in the North West of England.

I get a lot of questions from my clients and people generally interested in scalp micropigmentation, about what a typical day involves as a Skalp practitioner.

I manage to find a good work- life balance. I run my own youtube channel, mix music, paint and also practice Yoga. Although even after I have finished my working day at Skalp I still think about each and every treatment l am doing.

Here is an average day for me.



I’m not much of a morning person’ so I’m grateful my work doesn’t start until 9.

I’ve worn the snooze button out on my alarm clock and love a good sleep in. However, as I can be in the clinic until 10 at night sometimes, I think I deserve the occasional late start.

A good strong coffee is a must in the morning, l probably drink too much to be fair, but hey Skalp not only do the best hairlines, we also do the best coffee.


There have been studies showing men are not good at multitasking, but I have to disagree, as the clinic manager I have to do a fair bit every day.

Consultations and bookings managed. Treatments have to be perfect, clients happy, bosses happy and the whole Manchester clinic needs to run smoothly.

My day can be varied from each to the next, I may have a whole day of consultations, or a full day of treatments or a combination of treatments and consultations.

We only ever do 2 actual treatment sessions in a day to make sure we have plenty of time for each client.

Alternatively l may be doing an interview or promotional piece for the clinic, maybe even a photo-shot or video testimonial with another happy client.

Treatments can last anything up to 5 hours or as short as 30 minutes for a consultation, there’s check-ups and touch ups to schedule, external client visits and even VIP appointments at third party locations. Then there’s the day to day running of the practice, staffing, diary management, stocking and of course ensuring the constant coffee supply lol


Dean (another practitioner in the Manchester clinic) and I try to have lunch together when our diaries allow and when the weather is good we try and get out for a stroll and a chat, sometimes clients will join us as some sessions can be quite long and a break does everyone good.

Given the time we spend one on one with clients, quite often clients become friends. I’ve made some great friends through Skalp and it’s a part of the job l really enjoy.

Like the seasons of the year, every day of the week, every client is different.

Different skin tone and type, different hair loss and hair to blend, different head shapes, hairline shapes, colour and personality.

The most important thing is to listen to the clients, their questions, their aspirations and expectations. There’s a lot of responsibility with each client and by far the most important qualification is experience.

By far the most rewarding aspect is seeing that change in someone, not just aesthetically but in their confidence and personality that bounce in their step and that uncontrollable smile, it’s their 3rd session and you can just sense the elation that their new look has brought them. Probably only 2 months or so since the consultation and the change in people is amazing.

Still remember my SMP teacher saying “how many jobs give you this much satisfaction every day”, not many I would imagine.


I usually finish around 7pm and enjoy a short walk home to my apartment, whilst l’m often tired by the end of the day, at the same time I’m often full of energy, thinking, “today was the start of a new chapter in someone’s life and I’ve played my part in that”!