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About velvet pigmentation clinic

Velvet Pigmentation Clinic is a well established scalp micropigmentation provider. As many of their clients travel from London, they have recently opened a second office in Shoreditch on Hoxton Square. Their London clinic is just a 12 minute walk from Hoxton overground or a 5 minute walk from Old Street underground station.

A boutique scalp micropigmentation provider with a strong track record and great portfolio, their Shoreditch clinic is headed by Eve Pleavin, a well known and admired technician and trainer with a background in tattooing and permanent makeup. Both permanent SMP and tricopigmentation services are available.


Velvet Pigmentation is a group of three independent SMP and Aesthetic procedures clinics serving Central London & it’s surrounding areas. Founded by Eve Pleavin, she brings over 14 years of knowledge and experience to the table & provides ongoing, blue-chip mentoring to each of her already qualified personnel. Additional & personalised short-term and long-term training is also available through Velvet and each course is conducted by founder, Eve Pleavin.

Predominant treatments are Scalp Micropigmentation and Tricopigmentation & discretion is applied with each administered procedure. In addition to hair restoration, Velvets Clinics work in the domain of Dermiplas skin tightening. The atmosphere of all clinics is relaxed and modern and each of Velvet’s clients are offered unique treatments, tailored to individual requirements.

Hair restoration treatments

  • Scalp Micropigmentation Also known as SMP, Scalp Micropigmentation is a hair simulation technique where tiny dots of pigment are implanted into the scalp with the use of a microneedle. It’s a non-invasive cosmetics procedure suitable for men and women suffering from hair loss covering the full range of Alopecias.
  • Tricopigmentation Using the same techniques as Scalp Micropigmentation, hair follicles are replicated on the scalp by implanting pigments using a microneedle. Tricopigmentation differs from that of SMP owing to the pigments used. Tricopigmentation is a procedure that is temporary, unlike Scalp Micropigmentation which is permanent. Tricopigmentation will require top-ups after 12 to 18 months should the recipient wish to continue with the desired look resulting from treatment administered.

Scalp micropigmentation or tricopigmentation?

Scalp Micropigmentation is a treatment that is permanent. Fading will happen between initial treatments, however, once completed your SMP is deemed maintenance free. In terms of top-ups reviews are recommended every three to five years. Following a sensible aftercare routine will possibly extend this fading period.

As with SMP, tricopigmentation is a hair restoration solution using similar methods whereby tiny dots are implanted to mimic hair follicles, creating the illusion of the ever fashionable buzz cut. The difference is pigment type and permanency. Tricopigmentation will fade over a shorter period of time. Thereafter, your choices are either further top-ups, a permanent solution in the form of Scalp Micropigmentation or return to your original look. Tricopigmentation could be considered as a middle ground in the decision-making process of scalp aesthetics.

Both treatment types are safe procedures and professionalism is exercised at all times. For a comprehensive discussion of treatment types and a best-fit solution to your hair loss disorder, you can contact your nearest branch of Velvet Pigmentation Clinic.

Dermiplas treatments

Dermiplas is a plasma flash which works towards reducing excess skin. Post-treatment it will continue to work by encouraging further collagen production into the dermis to regenerate tired skin. Treatments offered are as follows :

  • Upper/lower eye area
  • Brow Lift
  • Upper Lip
  • Nasolabiel Fold
  • Lower Face Lift
  • Skin Tag Removal
  • Stretch Marks

Training courses

Velvet’s personalised and professional approach is also delivered through their training facility where maximum candidacy numbers are kept at a minimum of 2 technicians per course. One on one training is also available on demand. Each workshop is tailored to a technicians level and beginners are also accepted.



Less than a 5-minute walk from both Brick Lane & Spitalfields you’ll be hard pushed to find a clinic more central to London. Located on Hoxton Square in Shoreditch, it’s only 5 minutes from Old Street underground.

Should you be visiting from Essex or Kent there are strong train links to Liverpool Street and Kings Cross. London City Airport is the most convenient for international visitors.

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