Second only to New York, the city of London is a global centre for scalp micropigmentation and offers more choice for prospective clients than almost anywhere else.

Clients who undergo scalp micropigmentation in London are not exclusively British, not by a long shot. Served by three major airports with more combined air traffic than any other city on earth, men and women travel from all over the world to have their treatments in the UK capital.

The United Kingdom is the birthplace of modern scalp micropigmentation. Although the earliest treatments took place in the second city of Birmingham, London has always been an important market for a large number of providers in the industry. As well as boasting a population almost 7 times greater than any other UK city, London is home to the world famous Harley Street, a globally recognised centre of private cosmetic excellence. Many of the world’s leading hair transplant surgeons are based in London, and the city provides some of the most desirable commercial real estate in the world.

Which clinics are based in London?

In no particular order, these are the most recommended and popular scalp micropigmentation clinics located inside the M25 London Orbital:

  • Appear Natural (West Wickham)
  • Scalp Culture (West Wickham)
  • HIS Hair Clinic (Harley Street)
  • Skalp Clinic (Harley Street)
  • Velvet Pigmentation Clinic (Shoreditch)
  • Vinci Hair Clinic (Harley Street)

What are the alternatives?

Within a reasonable striking distance of London, there are two clinics you should definitely check out. One is based North of the city, and the other on the south coast:

  • Scalp Micro UK (Hertfordshire)
  • Velvet Pigmentation Clinic (East Sussex)

How do London clinics stack up against the best?

Very favourably. In fact, some clinics in London are undeniably world class. Standards are extremely high, and cleanliness and hygiene are tightly regulated.

What prices can you expect?

London has long held a reputation for being expensive. Even small purchases like dinner for two or a can of Coca-Cola always seem to cost more in the city. Everything tends to be a little more expensive, largely due to the higher cost of doing business. There is even something called the ‘London weighting‘, an allowance paid to those in certain professions to offset the additional cost of living in London versus other parts of the UK.

That said, the majority of scalp micropigmentation clinics charge the same in London as anywhere else in the UK. Refer to our cost calculator for more information, but as a general guide you can expect to pay around £1800-3000 for a standard 3 session full head procedure, just the same as you would in Birmingham or Manchester.

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