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About Scalpology

Scalpology Founder Michael Koumis has been steadily building his reputation for some time now, and has become one of the most sought-after scalp micropigmentation technicians in the South East. Located in Waltham Cross, Scalpology is within easy reach of the M25 and the city of London.

As the owner and lead practitioner at Scalpology, Michael Koumis is passionate about providing clients who are suffering from loss of hair and often confidence, a viable long-term solution. As a professional barber for so many years, he immediately studies a client’s head shape, complexion, hair type and hair colour, when they walk into his clinic.

Hairlines are often as unique as the people they belong to, and a professional scalp micropigmentation practitioner should be concerned about whether it should be rounded, receded, straight or peaked for example. As an experienced barber the answers come naturally during the assessment, and Scalpology clients leave with the sharp, faded or broken hairline finish that best fits the style they want to achieve.


Research is constantly showing that there’s relentless tension on society concerning appearances. In the last twenty years, owing to the rise of social media platforms this pressure has intensified. The result is an increase in the demands for aesthetic procedures, particularly for those that are non-invasive.

Owing to the above, and recognising Scalp Micropigmentation is now becoming one of the leading aesthetic interventions for both men and women alike, Scalpology has opened its doors in Hertfordshire. Founder and lead technician for Scalpology, Michael Kournis provides a welcoming clinic for SMP that also offers Scalp Micropigmentation training.

Scalp Micropigmentation is a process where natural pigments are implanted with a fine microneedle in the form of tiny dots across the scalp. The dots mimic hair follicles resulting in an appearance of a closely shaved head or the look of increased volume on thinning scalps. The treatment is non-invasive, rapid, instant, permanent and affordable. In addition, it comes with very little risk or side effect and post-treatment, is relatively maintenance free.

Clients eligible for treatment are offered a best-fit solution for Scalp Micropigmentation in accordance with an individuals hair loss disorder. An average patient usually requires up to three independent treatment sessions, spanning over the space of approximately one month.

SMP at Scalpology

Scalp Micropigmentation is available at Scalpology for the following conditions :

  • Male and Female Pattern Baldness
  • Alopecia Conditions from Patch Baldness to Total Hair Loss
  • Disperse Hair Thinning
  • Hair Transplant Patients Requiring Volume or Scar Concealment
  • Scalp Scar Sufferers including Alopecia Scarring & Burns
  • Top Up Treatments for Fading

Each treatment is tailored to individual requirements in accordance with disorders and initial consultations are essential. As a general rule of thumb, top-ups are recommended after three to five years depending on skin types and diligence to aftercare procedures.

Training and careers

Scalp Micropigmentation is a booming industry and Scalpology has two recognised and reputable training facilities in the London area. Training is over a four day period and covers both theory and practice. Courses cover practical work on synthetic skins along with live demonstrations. Thereafter, supervised live practical work to sharpen learned techniques ensues with certification for each trainee at the end of any given program.

Training Academies are at the following locations & workshop dates are on request :

  • River View, 8 Kew Bridge Road, Brentford TW8 OFJ
  • 13 Crown Road, Unit 2, Enfield, EN1 1TX

If you are interested in becoming a Scalpologist, you can download a comprehensive list of services and pricing strategies via the website.

Scalpology Social Media

Scalpology have an active presence on many social media platforms, including YouTube where you can get a glimpse inside their modern clinic. Alternatively, you can reach out to Scalpology through Facebook or browse directly at previous treatments through their Instagram gallery. You can make contact via the platforms or by telephone and email. Initial consultations and quotes are free of charge and without obligation.



The clinic is located in the Metropolitan area of Greater London and can be found just 12 miles North of Charing Cross Station.

Located on the High Street, you can reach Scalpology by train via the Greater Anglia lines and there are regular runs. Closest Tube lines are Victoria & the Southern overground also runs close to Waltham Cross.

Bus numbers to hook up with are the 279, 317 & 66. Waltham Cross train station is a three-minute walk from the high street and if you prefer to drive, there are a selection of secure car parks along with street parking.

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