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About Scalp Culture

Among the UK’s fastest growing scalp micropigmentation clinics, Scalp Culture is located South of the Thames in Blackheath, not far from Blackheath train station. Free parking is available, and the clinic itself is modern, private and welcoming.

As you would expect, Scalp Culture technicians are fully trained and insured to operate in London, meeting and exceeding all statutory requirements. A continual investment in education is an important element to their success, to ensure they remain at the forefront of the latest developments and techniquees for optimal client results.

Scalp Culture also use their London base as a training centre, providing SMP courses to talented individuals who want to add this innovative hair loss treatment to their service portfolio.


Scalp Micropigmentation is a rapidly growing market. It provides welcomed relief to sufferers and is a permanent, affordable & low-maintenance hair loss solution. Owing to global recognition for the procedure Scalp Culture have expanded their presence into Blackheath, London. Scalp Culture provides a relaxed environment for treatments and an in-house training facility with an added franchising option.

Uniting professionalism with warmth, Scalp Culture are strong believers in providing an environment which embraces modern technology & compassion. The wealth of experience is forceful & courtesy of the training facility, mentoring in on-hand and ongoing for all Scalp Culture registered practitioners.

Hair loss solutions

Scalp Culture provides a fully comprehensive hair loss solution service, including the following :

  • Scalp Micropigmentation for Men – Treating a wide range of disorders, the most common is Male Pattern Baldness. Also known as Androgenic Alopecia, post-treatment, the result is a look comparable to the traditional buzz cut
  • Scalp Micropigmentation for women – Pattern baldness in women results in a loss of density. Administering treatments, working section by section through existing hair, Scalp Micropigmentation is an aesthetic procedure which will provide an illusion of volume
  • Aesthetic Concealment for Alopecia – With the possibilities of treating a variety of Alopecia disorders including Areata, Totalis & Universalis, Scalp Micropigmentation treatments can conceal affected zones or recreate new hair lines
  • Volume Enhancement for Hair Transplant Patients – Owing to the fragility of the procedure, hair transplants will often leave a recipient with hair lacking volume and density. Scalp Micropigmentation throughout will enhance the appearance of a thinning scalp, completing an unfinished look.

Scalp Micropigmentation is an innovative treatment for hair loss where tiny dots of natural pigments are implanted into the scalp using a microneedle. The results are the creation of replicate hair follicles which give the appearance of a closely shaved hair. It’s often used for pattern baldness in men, providing a look synonymous to a buzz cut. However, it’s particularly effective on delivering the appearance of density where thinning has left the scalp visible.

Career opportunities with Scalp Culture

Training with Scalp Culture can provide or augment a skill set needed for a career in Scalp Micropigmentation. Successful candidates will receive full, government & insurance recognised accreditation. Training courses cover the following options :

  • Beginners Training in Scalp Micropigmentation – No previous experience necessary, a fully comprehensive training course in scalp micropigmentation techniques
  • Experienced Training in Scalp Micropigmentation – Previous experience in either tattooing or permanent makeup techniques required
  • Nationwide Training in Scalp Micropigmentation – Training in your own Scalp Micropigmentation facility within the UK, minimum of 4 attendees required
  • International Training in Scalp Micropigmentation – Training in your own Scalp Micropigmentation facility outside of the UK, minimum of 4 attendees required
  • Enhancement Training in Scalp Micropigmentation – Training tailored to improve on current and already acquired skill sets.

Franchise options

Franchise models will provide you with growth opportunities in Scalp Micropigmentation under a common brand. This enables independent ownership & management, with the collaborative advantage of support. Benefits to a Scalp Culture franchise include :

  • Owning your own business and independent decision making with guide from experienced professionals
  • Operational support and advantages of in-place procedures
  • The benefits of an already recognised proven brand
  • An operational model that’s uniform
  • Lower risk of clinic failure