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About Liana Nunes

Liana Nunes is a fully certified scalp micropigmentation practitioner located on Fulham Road, Chelsea, West London. Liana’s location is the ideal setting for SMP treatments of the highest standard, professional yet welcoming, and of course, fully licenced and insured.

At Team Micro we are passionate about ongoing education, a trait shared by Liana. An ongoing passion for science, medicine and beauty led her down the path of permanent cosmetics, which later resulted in a specialism and particular passion for the amazing art of scalp micropigmentation.

Liana attends regular courses with PhiBrows and other leading beauty/medical companies in the market to remain up to date with the latest treatments in the industry. She continues to perfect and grow her skills to provide the highest quality treatments for her clients. Her reputation at being perfectionist is unquestionable.

With a substantial portfolio of clients making use of her services and returning on a regular basis, Liana constantly receives fantastic 5 star reviews and superb feedback.


We offer several styles and options for you to choose from during your consultation, and we’ll work together to make sure you end up with the desired results.

  • SOFT HAIRLINE: For those clients that have a receding hairline and are looking to replenish it as closely as possible, we offer the soft hairline service.
  • ADDING DENSITY TO THINNING HAIR: Thinning hair is a problem for both men and women today, which is why we provide a hair thinning service which adds density for a fuller looking head of hair.
  • EDGE UP: This is the procedure that many clients prefer because it gives them a full, natural looking head full of hair again. Although this procedure strictly concentrates on the receding hairline, it can create the illusion that a person has a good head of hair again.
  • SMP FOR WOMEN: Although it’s not as common for women as it is for men to experience hair loss, it still happens a lot. This is why we provide SMP treatment for women, so they can feel alive and confident again. With added colour to the scalp area, women can go away looking like they have a full head of hair again.
  • FOR HAIR TRANSPLANT PATIENTS: We specialise in working with hair transplant patients who are looking to cover up their scars and have a head of hair that looks real and natural.
  • COVER SCARRING: We can tackle some of the most obvious scarring in cobblestone scars, FUE, and FUT strip scars – there is no type of scar we haven’t had to deal with in the past and that hasn’t come out with excellent results.


SMP is an advanced tattooing process and it isn’t just a case of injecting ink to match that of a drawing. Here we’ll match your hair colour as closely as possible, which includes plenty of detailing. Typically, we go a shade darker than your natural hair colour just so we can create a foundation that’s slightly darker and gives off that three-dimensional look, which is especially important to get your desired results.

It’s crucial we get the natural look when it comes to the hairline, as that’s what you’ll notice first when you look in the mirror. During this application we always approach it in a gentle manner with lots of precision to get it looking perfect.

All our clients’ consultations are different as they all have different foundations to begin work with and everyone wants a different result at the end, which is why we’ll always listen to your requirements to ensure that, when it comes to the treatment stage, we approach it with your needs in mind.


People choose SMP for multiple reasons. Firstly, it’s inexpensive when compared to other cosmetic hair filling services. Secondly, you can undertake treatment and go straight back to work the next day. However, probably one of the main reasons why it’s a popular service is simply because the results are outstanding. Clients leave feeling excellent and no-one ever notices they have undergone treatment to solve their hair issues.

There are numerous reasons why you may want to consider Scalp Micropigmentation as your solution to treat your hair loss crisis. We have been in partnership with thousands of clients since we first opened our doors, and they’ll all tell you how happy they were with the service and why they were glad they picked SMP over the other many services out there. Scalp Micropigmentation is reliable and affordable, and it isn’t going to take much time out of your daily life to undertake treatment.


It is a 7-minute walk from Fulham Broadway Station, you’ll find District and Circle Line that can take you from and to everywhere. Located on Fulham Road, just after Chelsea Football Club. You can also park inside Fulham Broadway Station car park or around Chelsea area. You won’t find any other clinic with the most well located, welcoming and personal than Liana Nunes.

Should you be visiting from Kent there are strong train links to London Victoria Station.

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