Introducing South London scalp micropigmentation expert Ollie Hughes

If you’re based in London, are considering scalp micropigmentation and have done your research, the chances are you’ve come across Ollie Hughes’ name already.

Those outside the London area, or the less diligent researchers, could be forgiven for not recognising his name however, as Ollie has never been one to shout too loudly about his own abilities. What you may not realise, is that Ollie Hughes is one of the UK’s most experienced and talented technicians. When you dig a little deeper and examine his portfolio in more detail, his world class pedigree becomes all the more obvious.

Ollie’s background

Ollie cut his teeth as a scalp micropigmentation technician on Harley Street, a globally recognised centre of excellence for all manner of private cosmetic procedures. Working for one of the world’s best known scalp micropigmentation clinics, Ollie’s flair for creating the most natural looking hairlines set him apart. He has always been notorious for his consistent perfectionism and high quality, and found himself in-demand very early in his career.

As his skills developed, he also became a highly effective trainer and taught the art of scalp micropigmentation to others with the same rigour and passion as he delivers his own procedures.

Ultra-natural results require an artists eye, and Ollie Hughes is recognised within the industry for his impeccable attention to detail and flawless follicle impressions.

After leaving his previous employment in 2015 to pursue his own interests, Ollie returned to the industry, this time at the helm of Appear Natural, the aptly named clinic that he owns and manages himself.

I believe that having personal experience of hair loss, as either a male or female technician, enables a greater level of empathy and understanding with those suffering from the same. This is certainly true of Ollie Hughes. After noticing from a relatively young age that his hair was gradually getting thinner, Ollie’s entry point to the scalp micropigmentation industry was actually as a client. After falling in love with the concept and realising the impact that his procedure had on his own wellbeing and confidence, Ollie trained as a technician and his career was underway.

The individual approach

One of the advantages of scalp micropigmentation is the fact that the outcome can be adjusted to suit the needs of each situation. Ollie is passionate about customising the approach for each individual client, and feels that this individual approach is sometimes missing at other clinics.

I understand why people are still sceptical about scalp micropigmentation. Unfortunately there is a great deal of bad practice in the industry, even from those who claim to be the best. Practitioners need better training and more understanding of how to create a realistic hairline. Among large, fast expanding companies, a consistent level of quality is impossible to maintain. At Appear Natural I can offer experience and artistic talent, compounded with an obsessive attention to detail. Time and time again, I am able to prove that in the right hands this treatment is beautifully seamless and essentially natural.

Following this philosophy, clients of Appear Natural can expect a highly customised experience. There are no ‘off the peg’ options. Instead, every aspect of the procedure from the frontal hairline style to the side profiles, density and pigment shade are fully tailored to the clients own requirements and preferences. This level of flexibility should not be taken for granted – it takes a skilled technician to adapt their technique in this way, and Ollie has proven himself more than capable.

Natural is key

Although Ollie is careful to fulfil his clients requests as closely as possible, he confesses to having a definite preference towards ultra-natural styles.

At Appear Natural you won’t find many ultra-defined hairlines or sharp side profiles, in fact this preference is one of the reasons why his company is named as such. Ollie Hughes has mastered the art of the natural hairline, and all his procedures are biased towards a softer, less aggressive appearance. For the client who wants their treatment to go unnoticed, Ollie’s approach is ideal.

How to contact Ollie Hughes

Appear Natural
Surrey House
Surrey Road
West Wickham
United Kingdom

T: +44 (0)203 722 2338

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