Finishing Touches Group introduces MicropigMANtation at glitzy Mayfair launch party

A new and exciting contender in scalp micropigmentation, the Finishing Touches Group introduced their MicropigMANtation concept at a glamorous launch event at Mahiki, an uber-trendy private venue in the heart of London’s Mayfair district.

Twinned with the MicropigMANtation launch was the introduction of another great innovation, Meso4Men, a scalp preparation process for those about to undergo scalp micropigmentation. Based on traditional mesotherapy techniques with a modern twist, Meso4Men promises better results for clients by improving the health and condition of the scalp ‘canvas’ prior to the procedure.

Daniel Johnson, one of the UK’s foremost men’s styling and grooming experts.

The MicropigMANtation project is supported by Matthew Iulo, FTG trainer, Founder of Scalp Micro USA and one of the world’s most respected scalp micropigmentation technicians, and international male grooming ambassador, barber to the stars and co-Founder of Scalp Micro UK, Daniel Johnson.

Daniel flies all over the world to create bespoke and intricate hairlines and styles for his clients. He understands how going bald can affect the style options available to men, and believes that scalp micropigmentation is an excellent solution for those concerned about thinning hair, including many of his sporting and celebrity clients. He was so impressed by the FTG MicropigMANtation system and Meso4Men that he is now training himself and has set up his own scalp centre to offer the scalp micropigmentation solution.

MicropigMANtation and Meso4Men are the latest additions to the FTG cosmetic, aesthetic and medical tattooing and mesotherapy training portfolio. The treatment is offered by tricologists, doctors, technicians and barbers, and the number of providers is growing by the day.

Finishing Touches Group is a major trainer, innovator and distributor in the semi-permanent makeup and paramedical micropigmentation industries. The launch of MicropigMANtation is likely, over time, to greatly increase the number of trained technicians in the UK and in major markets like the United States. This can only serve to improve accessibility and the range of choices available to the consumer.

We wish FTG the best of luck in their new endeavour, and we’ll watch their progress over the coming months with great interest and anticipation as they launch their scalp micropigmentation service in London and nationwide.

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