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About elixir pigmentation clinic

Elixir Pigmentation London understands the struggles both men and women have to go through when they start noticing hair loss conditions. No one should have to deal with this problem alone or let hair loss become a major focal point of their life. There is now a solution.

Located in the heart of Chiswick in West London, our top of the range equipment, needles and pigments will give our clients realistic results, in its most natural form. We only use high-end equipment as it is important that the best results are achieved.

Offering only the best advice and treatment plan, Lead Technician Jatty Grewal will conduct a thorough consultation with each client to get an understanding of their vision. The standard of their procedures is unquestionably first class, and is backed by a very personal service and superb aftercare. Perhaps that is why Jatty Grewal is one of London’s most recommended SMP practitioners.


Organic and Vegan-Friendly Scalp Micropigmentation Clinic, Elixir, provide restoration solutions for hair loss, scalp scarring and hair density issues. Providing a relaxed environment coupled with a deep understanding of the anxiety hair loss can cause, Elixir is one of the country’s premier clinics. Lead technician Jatty Grewal has received worldwide training and is a dedicated SMP professional with an empathetic edge.

Elixir sits heads above the rest in their Scalp Micropigmentation treatments owing to first-hand experience. Jatty’s own hair loss journey forced him to try numerous solutions before receiving SMP in 2014. Seeing the benefits for himself, it’s transformed his work from job to vocation. Elixir specialise in a barber shop skin fade finish and treatments are guaranteed for up to 2 years and all results are instant, with minimal risk of side effects.

Services at Elixir Pigmentation Clinic

Scalp Micropigmentation is an innovative treatment that is non-evasive affordable and provides guaranteed results. Also known as SMP, natural and organic pigments are implanted into the scalp in a series of tiny dots by a microneedle. The implanted dots mimic hair follicles which result in a shaved, buzz cut look. They also serve as underlying shading for thinning hair where the scalp is visible, resulting in the appearance of volume. For patients with damaged scalp skin, the imitated hair follicles will conceal the zone where needed. Scalp Micropigmentation is extremely successful on scarring due to medical intervention, burns and Alopecia markings.


  • SMP for Dispersed Hair Thinning – Hair thinning is a common disorder where Scalp Micropigmentation is an ideal solution for restoration. The result provides the appearance of volume due to underlying shading of the scalp. Pattern Baldness is often a cause for this condition and it’s particularly effective on female pattern baldness.
  • SMP for Hair Line Customisation – Where overall disperse thinning is common in female patients, often, pattern baldness in men follows a different form. Generally speaking, hair loss is experienced from the front and temple zones and thereafter, recedes. Scalp Micropigmentation will recreate the hairline, restoring the scalp resulting in an illusion of the infamous buzz cut.
  • SMP for Scarred & Damaged Scalps – For scalps that are damaged from surgery, burns, or Alopecia, scalp micropigmentation is rapidly becoming one of the leading solutions. Once scar maturation & scar preparation has taken place, SMP is used as a concealment measure. The success rate for camouflaging scars via Scalp Micropigmentation is extraordinarily high.

Scalp Micropigmentation treatments at Elixir are generally administered in several sittings to enable a build-up of pigments to achieve a more natural finish. As a rule of thumb the number of sittings needed run to three, maximum, and all results against fading are guaranteed for two years. In addition, all pigments used are certified as natural, vegan and organic. Initial consultations are free of charge and full aftercare advice is given. Options for payment plans are available on request, as are out of clinic treatments.



For Central London clients, Elixir Clinic is easily accessible. Located on Heathfield Terrace W4, it’s just two minutes walk from Chiswick Park tube on the District Line. Alternatively, the 237, 267, 27, E3 buses will stop at Chiswick Police Station and the clinic is thereafter, a minutes walk away. International airports are within half an hour from the clinic, and you can choose between London City, being the closest, or Heathrow.

Contact information for Elixir can be found via the website or alternatively on social media platforms Facebook, Pinterest & Instagram where you can also peruse through testimonials and galleries of treatments administered.

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