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About Creative Scalps

Marc Allen entered the scalp micropigmentation industry in 2016, opening a specialist clinic just south of London in Crawley. His attention to detail and creative skill set has set him apart from competitors, and his work is some of the best in the business.

What is truly impressive is the diversity of his work including a number of challenging cases. From total genetic hair loss, severe alopecia and extensive scarring to density treatments for women experiencing thinning hair, Creative Scalps has covered the full spectrum of scenarios and are well equipped to handle a wide variety of client requirements.

Creative Scalps close proximity to Central London, and major transport routes including the M25 circular and several major airports, brings many clients from the city and much further afield, attracted by the quality of his work and commitment to service and value.


Founded owing to increasing demand for restorative hair treatments, Creative Scalps is a private Scalp Micropigmentation Clinic located in Crawley, West Sussex. Discretion and intimacy are both clear hallmarks of the clinic, and its stable reputation is irrefutable. Perpetually changing the lives of hair loss sufferers, the clinic is a constant reminder of why the SMP industry deserves the boom time it’s currently receiving.

Lead Scalp Micropigmentation technician & founder, Marc Allen brings nearly 25 years of barbering experience to Creative Scalps along with a key talent for client communication. He’s an award-winning scalp artist on the worldwide SMP scene & you can find him at the Springfield Road Clinic in Crawley or book an appointment online via the website.

What is scalp micropigmentation?

Scalp Micropigmentation is a non-invasive aesthetic procedure, used for hair loss restoration purposes. It is a natural treatment, with very limited risks or side effects. Also known as SMP, a qualified technician will implant natural pigments at secondary epidermis level into the scalp using a microneedle. The said implants take the form of small dots, imitating hair follicles. For baldness, the result is a look of a closely shaved head or buzz cut. For overall thinning, often found in female pattern baldness, the underlying layer of natural shading provides the patient with density and volume. For scalp scar patients, SMP serves to conceal damaged zones.

Using Scalp Micropigmentation, Creative Scalp Clinic treat the following hair loss disorders :

  • SMP for Alopecia – Alopecia is a disorder affecting both men and women alike. The results are patches of baldness through to complete hair loss. Scalp Micropigmentation is a leading solution as it doesn’t affect hair follicles leaving the way for new growth.
  • SMP for Thinning – Affecting both men and women alike, thinning is a common hair loss condition. Carefully implanting pigments, section by section through the hairline the results are an appearance of density and volume.
  • SMP for Scar Concealment – Meticulously working with a scar patient and the physiology of the scar in hand, pigment is implanted onto the site, concealing the damaged skin, whilst blending with non-damaged skin.
  • SMP Combination / Enhancements – Even post hair transplant, thinning can be a problem. Working on both men and women, Scalp Pigmentation is administered as an underlying shading to the scalp resulting in the appearance of density and volume.
  • SMP for Long Hair – Thinning is a common hair loss condition, even where a patient has long hair. Carefully implanting pigments, section by section through the hairline the results are an appearance of density and volume.
  • SMP for Hair Line Repair – Scalp Micropigmentation is administered as a restoration procedure for discrepancies in the hairline, working on both men and women alike.
  • SMP for Pattern Baldness – Best known as a solution for pattern baldness, Scalp Micropigmentation is a restoration treatment providing the recipient with a look commensurate to that of the traditional buzz-cut.

Payments are available directly at the clinic or online and appointments can be scheduled out of hours if necessary. There is an occasional lead time on appointments owing to the popularity of the clinic, generally speaking, this is limited to a maximum wait time of 6 weeks.



From Victoria, Central London, Crawley is just a short train journey away, and with a regularly running service. Bus routes on London Transport are also regular and departures from Victoria Coach station are frequent.

By car from Central London to this West Sussex borough, is a shade under 30 miles away & just over 30 miles from Brighton and Hove in the opposite direction.

You’ll find Creative Scalps on Springfield Road, just a couple of minutes from the main railway station.

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