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About Appear Natural

One of the most talented and experienced scalp micropigmentation artists in the UK, Ollie Hughes brings his Harley Street expertise to South London, located in West Wickham.

During his time practicing in London’s medical capital, Ollie Hughes became renowned as one of the countries’ leading scalp micropigmentation practitioners. Since becoming a specialist technician, Ollie’s flair for creating the most natural looking hairlines has set him apart in the industry. He is notorious for his consistent perfectionism and high quality, ensuring that his customers always leave delighted, with a new found confidence.

Having trained numerous practitioners, Ollie has a succinct and technical method of explaining exactly which factors are needed to create a natural looking treatment. When meeting him, clients are always impressed by Ollie’s professionalism and wealth of knowledge in the field. Book a consultation to find out for yourself; scalp micropigmentation may be the answer to all of your hair loss woes.


There is a clear-cut & substantial growth in the aesthetics industry. The result is an increased call for Scalp Micropigmentation treatments, benefitting both men and women alike.

Recognising this need & working with market demands, Appear Natural Clinic provides bespoke hair loss restoration solutions using this innovative procedure.

Founded by experienced practitioner Ollie Hughes, the Company’s ethics for all procedures remain true to its clinic’s name. Ollie’s wealth of knowledge stems from London’s medical capital, Harley Street, and his Appear Natural Scalp Micropigmentation clinic delivers exceptional solutions along with a solid reputation for top-tier results.

Appear Natural Scalp Micropigmentation clinics cover a range of best-fit solutions for the following:

  • SMP for Hair Thinning – Hair thinning affects both men and women alike. Carefully working through the hairline, section by section, pigments are implanted to the scalp resulting in the appearance of density and volume.
  • SMP for Baldness – Best known as a solution for pattern baldness, Scalp Micropigmentation is a restoration treatment providing the recipient with a look commensurate to that of the traditional buzz-cut.
  • SMP for Scar Concealment – Working hand-in-hand with scalp scar patients and scar physiology, the technician will implant pigmentation as a life-changing concealment method.

How does scalp micropigmentation work?

Scalp Micropigmentation is a treatment used for the purpose of restoration for hair loss. It’s a non-invasive and natural treatment with minimal risk & side effects.

Using natural pigments working in harmony with your existing hair colour and skin type, the said pigments are implanted at secondary epidermis level using a microneedle. The implants take the form of tiny dots across the scalp which resemble minute hair follicles.

For baldness, the result is a look which imitates that of a closely cut or shaved head. With overall dispersed thinning, the underlying layer of natural shading will provide a look of density and volume & for scarring, a camouflaging of the damaged zones.

Why scalp micropigmentation?

Hair loss is a disorder which can induce anxiety and depression for both men and women alike. The psychological impact can be devastating and tip the balance to creating a poor quality of life.

Scalp Micropigmentation is a holistic concealment procedure which is permanent, working towards tipping the balance into the right direction. With the added benefits of a zero maintenance finish, the results provide recipients with a completely natural and realistic look.

Unlike other hair loss restoration procedures, the predominant benefits of Scalp Micropigmentation are it’s success rates & low-risk factors.

How long does this treatment take to perform?

Following on from assessments to establish skin physiology and existing hair loss conditions, an initial treatment will begin. After a two to four week period, a secondary Scalp Micropigmentation treatment will pursue.

The number of treatments required will depend on the hair loss disorder a patient is suffering from and the condition of the scalp undergoing treatment. The total number of required treatments will generally vary from between two and four.

For scar patients, the process will be different in accordance with scar maturation and physiology of damaged skin.



Located just under an hour from Central London, you can reach this West Wickham clinic by rail from either Charing Cross or London Cannon Street, via Hayes or Lewisham.

Alternatively, there are strong London Transport bus links which connect with surrounding zones such as Croydon and Thornton Heath. By car, you’ll find Appear Natural Scalp Micropigmentation Clinic minutes from the main West Wickham High Street on Surrey Road. Opening hours are Monday through Friday from 9 am to 7 pm.

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