SMP UK: Scalp Culture (London)

Scalp Culture

Our London clinic offers easy access and free parking for our clients. At our London clinic you will find a modern, clinical environment with private treatment rooms for our clients discretion. Blackheath train station is just a few minutes walk away.

As with all of our clinics, our London clinic holds full medical insurance, and adheres to the most stringent hygiene standards. All of our practitioners are trained in house at Scalp Culture HQ and undergo continuous SMP training to ensure that we are at the forefront of our industry.

We are a leading hair loss clinic with three locations in Northampton, Birmingham and London, specialising in the most effective hair loss treatment known as scalp micropigmentation.

T: 0800 118 2314
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SMP UK: Scalpology

waltham cross, hertfordshire

Scalpology Founder Michael Koumis has been steadily building his reputation for some time now, and has become one of the most sought-after scalp micropigmentation technicians in the South East. Located in Waltham Cross, Scalpology is within easy reach of the M25 and the city of London.

As the owner and lead practitioner at Scalpology, Michael Koumis is passionate about providing clients who are suffering from loss of hair and often confidence, a viable long-term solution. As a professional barber for so many years, he immediately studies a client’s head shape, complexion, hair type and hair colour, when they walk into his clinic.

Hairlines are often as unique as the people they belong to, and a professional scalp micropigmentation practitioner should be concerned about whether it should be rounded, receded, straight or peaked for example. As an experienced barber the answers come naturally during the assessment, and Scalpology clients leave with the sharp, faded or broken hairline finish that best fits the style they want to achieve.

T: 01992 633886
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Vinci Clinic in Manchester

Vinci hair clinic

Our headquarters in Central London offer you the ability to see the very best hair restoration consultants, along with taking advantage of the best quality of surgical care available. Also we have our SMP Scalp MicroPigmentation clinic located on Wigmore Street, where we have 1000’s of satisfied clients treated for baldness with this medical grade scalp pigmentation treatment.

Initially Vinci Hair Clinic were solely a Medical Clinic, offering treatment and surgical hair restoration, but in 2009 introduced Micro Scalp Pigmentation to their range of hair loss solutions. As a medical clinic they have an understanding of different scalp disorders and hair loss conditions, as well as hair line design and facial bone structure.

T: 020 714 501 12
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attention to detail

Appear Natural
London, Kent

With a wealth of Harley Street experience, Appear Natural brought scalp micropigmentation to South London for the first time.

During his time practicing in London’s medical capital, Ollie Hughes became renowned as one of the countries’ leading scalp micropigmentation practitioners. Since becoming a specialist technician, Ollie’s flair for creating the most natural looking hairlines has set him apart in the industry. He is notorious for his consistent perfectionism and high quality, ensuring that his customers always leave delighted, with a new found confidence.

Having trained numerous practitioners, Ollie has a succinct and technical method of explaining exactly which factors are needed to create a natural looking treatment. When meeting him, clients are always impressed by Ollie’s professionalism and wealth of knowledge in the field. Book a consultation to find out for yourself; scalp micropigmentation may be the answer to all of your hair loss woes.

T: 0203 722 2338
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HIS Hair Clinic consultation room

HIS Hair Clinic

Our London clinic, popular with our International clients, is based in the prestigious location of 100 Harley Street.

Harley Street is globally renowned as one of the worlds foremost centres of private medical excellence. Ian and his team provide SMP® scalp pigmentation treatments specially developed for people suffering from hair loss.

Over the last 14 years HIS Hair Clinic has developed and mastered a viable alternative hair loss solution known internationally as Scalp MicroPigmentation or SMP for short, created an international reputation for excellence and established a worldwide network of hair loss clinics.

T: +44 (0)845 604 4618
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Velvet Pigmentation

Velvet pigmentation clinic

Velvet Pigmentation Clinic London is located in Shoreditch on Hoxton Square. It is a 12 minute walk from Hoxton overground or a 5 minute walk from Old Street underground station, take exit 1 (Old Street, Shoreditch). Visitors from Essex and Kent will find regular trains to Liverpool St and Kings Cross/St Pancras. Close bus routes include: 26, 35, 47, 48, 55, 67, 149, 242, 243. International clients will find London City airport the closest and most convenient.

Velvet Pigmentation Clinic is a boutique scalp micropigmentation provider headed by respected and talented master technician Eve Pleavin. Velvet has two locations – the first in London’s Shoreditch, and the second in the bustling city of Brighton in East Sussex, nestled on the English coast about 50 miles outside of London.

T: +44 (0)7746 165233
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SMP UK: Creative Scalps

Creative scalps
crawley, west sussex

Creative Scalps close proximity to Central London, and major transport routes including the M25 circular and several major airports, brings many clients from the city and much further afield, attracted by the quality of his work and commitment to service and value.

Marc has over 23 years experience in the hairdressing industry. Specialising in men’s barbering. His attention to detail and creative skill set has set him apart from competitors. Marc is a former multiple salon owner, an award winning barber who has worked with celebrities on music video sets and toured the UK with one of our biggest pop stars on his sold out arena tour.

What is truly impressive is the diversity of his work including a number of challenging cases. From total genetic hair loss, severe alopecia and extensive scarring to density treatments for women experiencing thinning hair, Creative Scalps has covered the full spectrum of scenarios and are well equipped to handle a wide variety of client requirements.

T: 07817 916 954
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SMP UK: Skalp Clinic (London)

Skalp Clinic

Our London clinic is situated on world-renowned Harley Street, famous for its private specialists in medicine and surgery. The nearest tube stations to our clinic are Regents Park and Oxford Circus.

We at Skalp® recognise that you’ll want to have your procedure carried out at a discreet, professional and accessible location. We only employ people-people so you will be greeted with a genuine smile and made to feel welcome and at ease.

Skalp® have become known as the leading experts in Scalp Micropigmentation. With five clinics locations across the UK, Europe and the USA (London, Manchester and Edinburgh, New York, Naples).

T: +44 (0)845 094 1516
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london scalp micropigmentation articles

Scalp micropigmentation options in London

scalp micropigmentation in London, UKSecond only to New York, the city of London is a global centre for scalp micropigmentation and offers more choice for prospective clients than almost anywhere else.

Clients who undergo scalp micropigmentation in London are not exclusively British, not by a long shot. Served by three major airports with more combined air traffic than any other city on earth, men and women travel from all over the world to have their treatments in the UK capital.

The United Kingdom is the birthplace of modern scalp micropigmentation. Although the earliest treatments took place in the second city of Birmingham, London has always been an important market for a large number of providers in the industry. As well as boasting a population almost 7 times greater than any other UK city, London is home to the world famous Harley Street, a globally recognised centre of private cosmetic excellence. Many of the world’s leading hair transplant surgeons are based in London, and the city provides some of the most desirable commercial real estate in the world.

Which clinics are based in London?

In no particular order, these are the most recommended and popular scalp micropigmentation clinics located inside the M25 London Orbital:

  • Appear Natural (West Wickham)
  • Scalp Culture (West Wickham)
  • HIS Hair Clinic (Harley Street)
  • Skalp Clinic (Harley Street)
  • Velvet Pigmentation Clinic (Shoreditch)
  • Vinci Hair Clinic (Harley Street)

What are the alternatives?

Within a reasonable striking distance of London, there are two clinics you should definitely check out. One is based North of the city, and the other on the south coast:

  • Scalp Micro UK (Hertfordshire)
  • Velvet Pigmentation Clinic (East Sussex)

How do London clinics stack up against the best?

Very favourably. In fact, some clinics in London are undeniably world class. Standards are extremely high, and cleanliness and hygiene are tightly regulated.

What prices can you expect?

London has long held a reputation for being expensive. Even small purchases like dinner for two or a can of Coca-Cola always seem to cost more in the city. Everything tends to be a little more expensive, largely due to the higher cost of doing business. There is even something called the ‘London weighting‘, an allowance paid to those in certain professions to offset the additional cost of living in London versus other parts of the UK.

That said, the majority of scalp micropigmentation clinics charge the same in London as anywhere else in the UK. Refer to our cost calculator for more information, but as a general guide you can expect to pay around £1800-3000 for a standard 3 session full head procedure, just the same as you would in Birmingham or Manchester.

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Introducing South London scalp micropigmentation expert Ollie Hughes

Ollie HughesIf you’re based in London, are considering scalp micropigmentation and have done your research, the chances are you’ve come across Ollie Hughes’ name already.

Those outside the London area, or the less diligent researchers, could be forgiven for not recognising his name however, as Ollie has never been one to shout too loudly about his own abilities. What you may not realise, is that Ollie Hughes is one of the UK’s most experienced and talented technicians. When you dig a little deeper and examine his portfolio in more detail, his world class pedigree becomes all the more obvious.

Ollie’s background

Ollie cut his teeth as a scalp micropigmentation technician on Harley Street, a globally recognised centre of excellence for all manner of private cosmetic procedures. Working for one of the world’s best known scalp micropigmentation clinics, Ollie’s flair for creating the most natural looking hairlines set him apart. He has always been notorious for his consistent perfectionism and high quality, and found himself in-demand very early in his career.

As his skills developed, he also became a highly effective trainer and taught the art of scalp micropigmentation to others with the same rigour and passion as he delivers his own procedures.

attention to detail
Ultra-natural results require an artists eye, and Ollie Hughes is recognised within the industry for his impeccable attention to detail and flawless follicle impressions.

After leaving his previous employment in 2015 to pursue his own interests, Ollie returned to the industry, this time at the helm of Appear Natural, the aptly named clinic that he owns and manages himself.

I believe that having personal experience of hair loss, as either a male or female technician, enables a greater level of empathy and understanding with those suffering from the same. This is certainly true of Ollie Hughes. After noticing from a relatively young age that his hair was gradually getting thinner, Ollie’s entry point to the scalp micropigmentation industry was actually as a client. After falling in love with the concept and realising the impact that his procedure had on his own wellbeing and confidence, Ollie trained as a technician and his career was underway.

The individual approach

One of the advantages of scalp micropigmentation is the fact that the outcome can be adjusted to suit the needs of each situation. Ollie is passionate about customising the approach for each individual client, and feels that this individual approach is sometimes missing at other clinics.

I understand why people are still sceptical about scalp micropigmentation. Unfortunately there is a great deal of bad practice in the industry, even from those who claim to be the best. Practitioners need better training and more understanding of how to create a realistic hairline. Among large, fast expanding companies, a consistent level of quality is impossible to maintain. At Appear Natural I can offer experience and artistic talent, compounded with an obsessive attention to detail. Time and time again, I am able to prove that in the right hands this treatment is beautifully seamless and essentially natural.

Following this philosophy, clients of Appear Natural can expect a highly customised experience. There are no ‘off the peg’ options. Instead, every aspect of the procedure from the frontal hairline style to the side profiles, density and pigment shade are fully tailored to the clients own requirements and preferences. This level of flexibility should not be taken for granted – it takes a skilled technician to adapt their technique in this way, and Ollie has proven himself more than capable.

Natural is key

Although Ollie is careful to fulfil his clients requests as closely as possible, he confesses to having a definite preference towards ultra-natural styles.

At Appear Natural you won’t find many ultra-defined hairlines or sharp side profiles, in fact this preference is one of the reasons why his company is named as such. Ollie Hughes has mastered the art of the natural hairline, and all his procedures are biased towards a softer, less aggressive appearance. For the client who wants their treatment to go unnoticed, Ollie’s approach is ideal.

How to contact Ollie Hughes

Appear Natural
Surrey House
Surrey Road
West Wickham
United Kingdom

T: +44 (0)203 722 2338

New scalp micropigmentation clinic opens in Knightsbridge, Central London

knightsbridge scalp micropigmentation clinicLocation is important when it comes to choosing a scalp micropigmentation provider. Locations don’t get any more exclusive than a Knightsbridge address in the heart of central London.

Velvet Pigmentation Clinic, one of the most reputable and respected scalp micropigmentation clinics, has opened a new clinic within Fadiluxe, a luxury barber located on Park Close. Adding to their existing clinic on Norfolk Square in Brighton, Velvet Pigmentation Clinic is responding to significant demand from clients for a second location in the city of London.

Lead Technician Eve Pleavin is one of a very small number of technicians worldwide to offer both permanent scalp micropigmentation, and shorter duration tricopigmentation procedures. The two techniques are compared in this article, but essentially means that clients can choose how long they want their new look to last for.

Velvet Pigmentation
Lead Technician Eve Pleavin

Eve Pleavin is known for producing some of the best results in the business, and enjoys a significant number of personal recommendations and referrals.

Mitch, a recent client of Velvet Pigmentation Clinic

Home to some of the world’s most iconic brands such as Harvey Nichols and Harrods, Knightsbridge has a lot to offer the travelling client. However, one of the greatest advantages for clients considering scalp micropigmentation in central London is the ease of accessibility. Few cities anywhere in the world provide transport links quite like the UK capital.

Using the London Underground tube network, Knightsbridge is just a few stops on the Piccadilly Line from Kings Cross, providing rail access to all London airports and to the rest of the United Kingdom. Knightsbridge is also easily reached from Paddington, Victoria and Marylebone stations, enabling easy travel from anywhere in the UK.

Location and contact

Velvet Pigmentation Clinic
Shop 2, Park Close
United Kingdom

T: +44 (0)1273 973746

Finishing Touches Group introduces MicropigMANtation at glitzy Mayfair launch party

Dawn Forshaw & Matthew Iulo

ABOVE: Dawn Forshaw, Finishing Touches Group CEO with partner Matthew Iulo, Founder of Scalp Micro USA.

A new and exciting contender in scalp micropigmentation, the Finishing Touches Group introduced their MicropigMANtation concept at a glamorous launch event at Mahiki, an uber-trendy private venue in the heart of London’s Mayfair district.

Twinned with the MicropigMANtation launch was the introduction of another great innovation, Meso4Men, a scalp preparation process for those about to undergo scalp micropigmentation. Based on traditional mesotherapy techniques with a modern twist, Meso4Men promises better results for clients by improving the health and condition of the scalp ‘canvas’ prior to the procedure.

Daniel Johnson
Daniel Johnson, one of the UK’s foremost men’s styling and grooming experts.

The MicropigMANtation project is supported by Matthew Iulo, FTG trainer, Founder of Scalp Micro USA and one of the world’s most respected scalp micropigmentation technicians, and international male grooming ambassador, barber to the stars and co-Founder of Scalp Micro UK, Daniel Johnson.

Daniel flies all over the world to create bespoke and intricate hairlines and styles for his clients. He understands how going bald can affect the style options available to men, and believes that scalp micropigmentation is an excellent solution for those concerned about thinning hair, including many of his sporting and celebrity clients. He was so impressed by the FTG MicropigMANtation system and Meso4Men that he is now training himself and has set up his own scalp centre to offer the scalp micropigmentation solution.

MicropigMANtation and Meso4Men are the latest additions to the FTG cosmetic, aesthetic and medical tattooing and mesotherapy training portfolio. The treatment is offered by tricologists, doctors, technicians and barbers, and the number of providers is growing by the day.

Finishing Touches Group is a major trainer, innovator and distributor in the semi-permanent makeup and paramedical micropigmentation industries. The launch of MicropigMANtation is likely, over time, to greatly increase the number of trained technicians in the UK and in major markets like the United States. This can only serve to improve accessibility and the range of choices available to the consumer.

We wish FTG the best of luck in their new endeavour, and we’ll watch their progress over the coming months with great interest and anticipation as they launch their scalp micropigmentation service in London and nationwide.

For more information call Finishing Touches Group on +44 (0)1444 414744 or visit