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Scalp micropigmentation options in Bristol

Although around 500,000 people worldwide are now estimated to have had scalp micropigmentation, clinics in Bristol only started opening in 2016. Prior to this, most people wanting SMP traveled to Birmingham, Cardiff or even London for treatment. All this has now changed, as world class hair tattooing is now available much closer to home.

There are a few providers that now offer their services in Bristol. Our pick of the best is INKOnHair Clinic, located in the upscale suburb of Clifton, just a couple of miles from the city centre. Headed by Tom May, INKOnHair Clinic produces some of the best results in the UK and has a sizeable portfolio of happy clients in their expanding bank of case studies.

As ever, we advise all clients to do their research and seek out the best scalp micropigmentation clinic for their individual needs. As SMP can last a lifetime, and quality results are therefore paramount, those considering any kind of hair follicle replication treatment should contact their preferred clinics to arrange a consultation and ensure all their questions are answered thoroughly before committing to treatment.

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