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SMP UK: DC Micro

DC Micro
bingley, bradford

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DC Micro is the UK training centre for tricopigmentation, a shorter duration version of scalp micropigmentation that is almost completely gone within 18-24 months. Many clients prefer this approach due to the additional flexibility it provides, and the fact that laser removal will not be required if they later change their mind.

Headed by Debbie Clifford, one of the most respected micropigmentation technicians in Europe, DC Micro is based in Bingley on the outskirts of Bradford. Both treatments and training courses are available at their private and comfortable office, and clients are assured of first class service at all times.

T: +44 (0)1274 911890
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SMP UK: Inkedin Hairline

inked in hairline restoration
tong, bradford

A relative newcomer to the scalp micropigmentation industry, Inked In is located in Tong Hall close to the boundary between Bradford and Leeds. Lead Technician Gareth Beckwith is already punching well above his weight, with results as good as any of the larger service providers.

Inked In Hairline Restoration offer superb quality SMP treatments for men and women, excellent prices, first class service and a strong portfolio of proven results.

T: 07734 703066
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bradford scalp micropigmentation reviews

Asian client from Bradford gets scalp micropigmentation

I have long cited the potential of a scalp micropigmentation clinic in Bradford, West Yorkshire.

Here’s an interesting fact – An estimated 20% of all scalp micropigmentation clients in the UK are British-Asian, despite the fact that only 7% of the UK population belongs to this ethnicity.

A large number of Asian men message me for advice, usually asking to see examples of scalp micropigmentation on Asian skin types. Perhaps Asian men are more style-conscious, or more anxious about losing their hair.

Whatever the reason, the bottom line is that Asian men are more likely to have scalp micropigmentation than other ethnic group in the UK. The evidence is everywhere – you only have to step inside a major SMP clinic on an average day, and almost always you’ll find Asian clients receiving treatment.

Bradford is well known for its thriving Asian community, however no scalp micropigmentation clinic has established itself in the city. Luckily a high quality clinic now offers a service just 18 miles away from Bradford, making it easily accessible for Bradford clients. These photographs feature one of their recent clients, and I wanted to publish them as I believe they’ll be of interest to a lot of people.

Bradford SMP client
As you can see, this client was experiencing the early stages of hair loss. His hairline was starting to recede, and thinning is also evident, particularly around his crown area.
In this photo, you can clearly see the area around the clients frontal hairline being worked on. The scalp micropigmentation treatment was also applied across the top of his scalp to replace lost density.
The same client, this time with a renewed sharper hairline and with lost density replaced across the top portion of his scalp. The end result is a significantly more youthful look.
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