Tricopigmentation Cost Calculator

This post was updated on March 11th 2016 along with our main cost calculator for permanent scalp micropigmentation. The cost of a tricopigmentation procedure hasn’t really changed as prices are tightly aligned between clinics. However, greater availability of the service and easier access to training has resulted in a massive growth in choice. The bottom line is that tricopigmentation costs less in the short term, but over a 10 year period including follow-up sessions, the cost is about the same as the permanent option.

Tricopigmentation (temporary scalp micropigmentation) procedures are undoubtedly becoming more common, hence the need for a separate post.

Tricopigmentation costs

The cost of your treatment is based on the number of areas of your scalp that require pigmentation, and the complexity of the task. Rates for tricopigmentation fluctuate less from clinic to clinic as a standardized pricing model is generally followed, however your requirements are subjective, incentives are sometimes available and the price you are quoted is ultimately at the discretion of the clinic.

Top-up sessions are required every 12-18 months. Estimates are exclusive of local tax:

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On a personal note:

If you choose tricopigmentation to fix your hair loss, I can say with a certain confidence that the procedure will drastically change the quality of your life. Following a successful treatment, you will feel much more confident and happier in general, improvements that can impact every other aspect of your life: your relationships, your social life and your work attitude will all improve.

There are a lot of benefits that you can enjoy when your hair is back where you wish it should have stayed from the very beginning. It would be nice if money would be irrelevant in this whole story. How could happiness cost a fixed price, after all?


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