Learn advanced scalp micropigmentation techniques with our elite trainers. Take standalone training, or choose a lasting collaboration with Scalp Artist International with ongoing branding, marketing and training support.


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Why Train With Scalp Artist International?

A global organization with offices in the United States, Canada, Europe and China, Scalp Artist International is a collective of the world’s finest technicians, brought together to provide supreme quality treatments and training experiences.

Lead Trainers Eddie Lopez and Andrew Webb are among the world’s most experienced scalp trainers, having trained more technicians than anyone else. Many of their students have built fantastically successful businesses, including some of the biggest and most revered names in the industry.

Equally as important is a high level of business acumen with effective support and mentoring. Founder of one of the most successful and busiest SMP clinics in the United States, Eddie Lopez has a rich pedigree of substantial business successes, and is on hand to help you grow your business to its fullest potential.

All our on-location trainers around the world are leaders in their respective territories, and are on hand to support your venture long into the future.

Choose Scalp Artist International and discover not only world class training, but a family of exceptional individuals you can call on anytime for questions, mentorship and support.

World Class Program

Your level of success as a scalp micropigmentation technician is directly linked to the quality of your work. Clients usually choose their practitioner based on their before and after photos, so if you’re producing great work, you will win significantly more customers than other clinics that are unable to prove their competence.

The only way to produce exceptional work as a new technician is to seek training with the most skilled technicians. This is a complex technique that takes time to master, however with the right instruction, you will gain an immediate advantage over your competitors and win more customers.

The Scalp Artist International training program is professionally structured to cover all the core skills you must master to become a successful and rounded scalp micropigmentation technician. We also cover a range of advanced techniques that take years to master without professional instruction, to provide you with the most sophisticated skillset with which to build your business, and your reputation.

The Opportunity

The scalp micropigmentation industry is booming. The fastest growing solution in the history of hair loss, more than 110,000 men and women around the world are now estimated to have had the procedure. This explosive growth has created boundless opportunities for hardworking, skilled and compassionate individuals to become service providers and lead the market in their home towns or cities. With procedures ranging from $2000-5000, low startup costs and an abundance of prospective customers, the potential is limitless.

Of course, there is more to the story than mere financial success. By training as a scalp micropigmentation technician, you are enabling yourself the ability to improve the lives of others by restoring confidence. For this reason alone, the delivery of quality scalp micropigmentation treatments is one of the most fulfilling career choices you will ever make.


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