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train with the innovators of modern smp

HIS Hair Clinic was the first provider to introduce modern scalp micropigmentation to the world, and their expertise is well respected.

  • PROGRAM COST:- £2750 (GBP) OR $4000 (USD)

T: +44 (0)845 604 4618
E: [email protected]

The demand for high quality training is growing. Following a sharp increase in the number of people seeking the procedure to combat their hair loss, more clinics and technicians than ever before now want to offer this service.

For the first time ever, world leaders HIS Hair Clinic are opening up their coveted Training Academy to external candidates. This means that anyone, including you, can receive the same level of training as HIS Hair Clinic’s own practitioners.

Let’s not forget – HIS Hair Clinic developed modern scalp micropigmentation techniques. They’re the innovators, and the first company in the world to bring the service to market. They also created the first SMP training program, at the time for their own technicians only, back in 2009.

Don’t forget that you’ll be training with the world leader in scalp micropigmentation. HIS Hair Clinic created the technique in 2002, later emulated around the world, and remains the most reputable provider in the industry.

If you require a machine, these can be purchased from HIS Hair Clinic at very reasonable prices. There are cheaper options and you are able to source your own machine if you prefer, however please note that the machines supplied by HIS Hair Clinic are the same proven models as used by their own team.

The HIS Training Academy can help you succeed by giving you the best possible start with the skills you need to be a world class SMP practitioner.

What about ongoing business partnerships?

This is where it gets even more interesting. As the world’s most trusted and successful scalp micropigmentation company, you have the opportunity to share in their success and open your own HIS Hair Clinic location.

Partnerships enable you to use the HIS Hair Clinic name and logo, get listed on HISHairClinic.com, and even have HIS Hair Clinic handle your calls and consultations if you wish. Some packages also come with exclusive territory rights provided certain conditions are met.

Partnerships are entirely optional, therefore technicians who just want to be trained can still apply. Further details about partnerships are available on request.