Scalp Micropigmentation Training Courses

The world’s most successful scalp micropigmentation technicians are those who invest in constant training to produce the most realistic results for their clients. In an industry where results are everything, only the very best training will do.

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The results displayed in your client portfolio are your greatest asset and biggest selling tool. Quality scalp micropigmentation training is the key to producing your best work, and your most impressive portfolio.

In an industry heavily reliant on reputation to win customers, it is no surprise that SMP technicians travel nationally and internationally to train with the most reputable and experienced educators.

As with all things micropigmentation, the quality from one provider to the next, as well as the style of training experience that awaits you, varies significantly. It’s not just about finding the best program. Of critical importance is finding the scalp micropigmentation training academy that best fits your learning style.

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Online Scalp Micropigmentation Training

Our technician starter packs provide technicians with knowledge of the fundamental skills required for scalp micropigmentation. Supplied with or without a machine, get access to 20 explainer videos in beautiful high definition.

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Team Micro lists only the most reputable training programs in the industry. Each provider must offer a strong pedigree in scalp micropigmentation before we list them as an approved training school, and the program itself must be properly structured to ensure the best learning experience.

Certifications vary from one class to the next. All offer in-house certificates while others are accredited externally by different bodies.

Course duration varies from 3 days upwards, and some are broken into modules that are taken separately. There are online elements to some of these courses, and also check if your chosen course includes equipment and manuals as again this varies from one provider to the next.