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SMP THA: Scalp Micro Phuket

Scalp Micro Phuket
Phuket, Thailand

Our clinic based in Phuket, Thailand. Headed by Master Kanokpat who is professionals certified from the one of the leaders in Scalp Micropigmentation industry. With her experiances and permanent makeup skills to combine and create style for both of lady and gentlement.

Scalp Micro pigmentation is a modern and fashionable way to combat baldness or hair loss. You can have a Scalp Tattoo to get a modern fashionable look, but also to solve problems like Baldness or scalp FUT and FUE scars. We use pure black carbon-based pigments that are made to be specifically MRl-safe and long-lasting for scalps.

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scalp micropigmentation thailand

Hair scalp center
Bangkok, Thailand

Our artists are professionals certified from one of the leaders in the scalp micropigmentation industry and have already worked on many cases as you can tell from our photo gallery. We also leverage our permanent makeup skills to implant the pigment correctly and blend different shades to obtain the best result.

We use pigments that are designed specifically for scalp which cannot change color over time because they do not contain any blue, green or purple constituent colors. If regular tattoo ink or permanent makeup pigments are used, the black ink can break down into other colors because of our immune system or the UV exposure from the sun. Moreover, pigments dedicated for scalp last longer than pigments designed for permanent makeup.

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Scalp Culture Bangkok

scalp culture
Bangkok, Thailand

Scalp Culture, one of Europe’s best scalp micropigmentation clinics, has opened a fourth location in Bangkok, Thailand. Catering for both local and international clients, Scalp Culture are known for their ultra-realistic results and first class training program.

All practitioners at their Bangkok office were trained in the UK to exceptional Scalp Culture standards, and are fluent in Thai, English and Filipino languages. Our clinic holds full medical insurance and adheres to strict hygiene standards that meet or exceed regulatory requirements.

Treatment sessions can be scheduled to accommodate your travel plans if required. We offer a private and comfortable setting to ensure you enjoy your stay with us. If we can be of assistance in any way, please feel free to ask.

T: +66 99 297 4785
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SMP THA: Scalp Micropigment Center

Scalp hairline center
Bangkok, Thailand

Our clinic is the first clinic providing SMP solutions based in Thailand with 3 branches situated in Bangkok, Phitsanulok and in Chiangmai.

We provide scalp micro pigmentation treatments for both men and women who may be experiencing hair loss problems, alopecia or who may need to camouflage scars.

Headed by Master Swan, with experience in this field since 2010 and known as judge in many international permanent makeup competitions. We can certify you that out clinic won’t let you out until you’re satisfied and look perfect ! Because our primary goal is your satisfaction.

As you can see from our cases clients leaves our clinic feeling more confident and better with their body. We guarantee you a life changing results.

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