I was a little unsure how to approach this post, because this is where we effectively separate the good guys from the bad guys. Not only is the definition of a good scalp micropigmentation clinic and a bad one hugely subjective, but also the ‘best’ scalp micropigmentation clinic for one person may not be the best choice for someone else. As with all things in this business, it’s a very personal experience with a range of differing requirements depending on the situation. I covered the question of how to assess the best clinics in a previous post, but I wanted to go into a bit more detail this time.

I believe there are 6 key considerations when choosing a scalp micropigmentation clinic:

  • Experience
  • Results
  • Transparency
  • Customer service
  • Location
  • Cost

Let’s approach these one by one.


How long has the clinic been in business? What about your specific technician? They don’t need aeons of hands-on experience to be good, but proof of their pedigree is important even if they only became a technician a few months ago. You want to know they’ve earned their stripes. Now would be a good time to ask what training they have had too.

Furthermore, how much experience does the person have of your specific requirements? If you have scars or alopecia to conceal, you want to know you’re dealing with someone who has demonstratable experience in the required areas.


This is where most people start their research, but in reality it is simply one piece of a larger puzzle, albeit an important one.

When scoping out the results of a clinic you’re considering, look for three things primarily:

  • The overall treatment quality. Do the hair replications look realistic? Is the blending correct? What about the size of the pigment deposits, and their shade? Is it believable?
  • Can the clinic demonstrate results that are relevant to you? For example if you’re a black guy, can they show you examples of their work on other black guys? If you want a broken hairline, or have alopecia, what results can they demonstrate that match your needs?
  • Can their results be verified? Is there any photo editing trickery going on? How do their treatments look 6-12 months down the line? Do they show any long term results?


This is an important one – is your clinic telling you the whole truth, and nothing but the truth?

The true meaning of transparency (in a scalp micropigmentation context at least), is not to tell the client what they want to hear, but to give them honest advice that is relevant to their situation.

This may come from the clinic staff, but equally it might be that a provider demonstrates transparency some other way. For example HIS Hair Clinic operates its own forum, whilst Pro Hair Clinic participates in other major forums. In both cases, their results are open to scrutiny. Another example is a preference towards video testimonials. Videos are far more difficult to manipulate than photos, and are therefore easier to believe. Most reputable providers use video to showcase their results.

A word of warning – transparency is particularly important if you have hair transplant scars to camouflage. Most clinics will estimate the level of concealment they are likely to achieve for you, often expressed as a percentage. If a technician believes that a 60% concealment is realistic, that should be the estimate they quote you for. To say any different is unethical, but unfortunately the practice of over-stating expected results is rife among some providers.

Customer service

Does your clinic answer phone calls and emails quickly and professionally? Do you feel well looked after? Are you treated with compassion, discretion and respect? After your treatment you’ll need to return to the clinic every so often for minor adjustments, correction of any fading and touch-ups. Are you going to enjoy dealing with this team of people?


Clearly if all else were equal, you’d choose a clinic in your home city, rather than travel hundreds of miles to someplace else, right? Of course the location of the company is an important consideration. In some cities like London and NYC this isn’t really a problem, because all major providers (and a number of independent boutique providers) are based there. However if you live somewhere like Salt Lake City (for example), you have to choose between one local clinic, or travelling to Los Angeles for a wider selection. It’s a tough call.

My advice is to go where the results are. If that means travelling, work out what is feasible and just go. That said, if you’re 95% comfortable with a local clinic, and that means less time off work, less travelling and accommodation expense and less inconvenience, you have to weigh it up. Just don’t accept sub-standard results for the sake of saving money or time. It’s not worth it.


In real terms, the cost of your treatment should always be somewhere from £2000-4000 (about $3000-6000 USD). That depends largely on your requirements. For the average man with no scars or special conditions, they can expect to pay £2500-3000 (about $3750-4500). That’s a fairly small variance.

In other words it’s fine comparing quotations, but don’t make the cheapest price your primary objective. You’ll probably find that the location of your chosen clinic will have a larger bearing on cost than the actual treatment price itself. Refer to comments above regarding location.

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20 thoughts on “Six questions to ask your scalp micropigmentation clinic

    • Damien says:

      Hi David. You need to be really careful as a couple of very bad providers are based in Boston. Please drop me a couple of photos and your phone number to damien@scalpguru.com, and I’ll call you.

      Regarding your other question about hair length, you’ll need to clip your hair on a zero guard. Anything longer will create a blending issue.

  1. Claudio says:

    Hi Damien
    I just wondered what if you think it’s worth following up successful MSP treatment with FUE treatment later to improve/enhance the overall effect of micro scalp pigmentation look ?
    Or would it be waste of time and money ?

    • Damien says:

      Hi Claudio, only you can answer that question.

      Personally I think SMP should represent the end of the road. No more procedures, pills, lotions etc. That’s the best thing about having scalp micropigmentation – you have a real opportunity to achieve closure.

      That said, FUE can add texture and depth to a procedure and I’ve seen some good results. Just make sure you have enough remaining hair to make it worth it, and you’re not just fighting a futile battle against the inevitable.

  2. Jack says:

    Hey Damien,

    Thank you for all your info and research!

    I’d like to get some FUG scars done. Money and travel in no problem. Please recommend the best in Australia.


  3. Joe says:

    Hi Damien

    I have been going through your blogs and trying to get as much information as possible on the best clinics in Sydney Australia. Can you suggest a couple of good ones.

    Many thanks for your help

  4. Brian says:

    Hi Damien-

    I live in the Las Vegas area and have been doing some research online. Locally, we have Scalp Aesthetics in our area. What are your thoughts on them? Anyone else in the Vegas market you could recommend me looking in to?? Thanks!

    • Damien says:

      Hi Brian, I’m sorry about the delay in replying to your message. We just relaunched ScalpGuru.com and if I replied earlier, your question would have been erased. The only SMP clinic in Vegas I’m familiar with is the Scalp Aesthetics place. I’ve not seen much of their work, but what I’ve seen is good. I’d suggest arranging a consultation and taking it from there.

  5. Jason says:

    Hello, I have a question, I live in Fresno California and you mentioned a SMP facility here that is run by a fellow by the name of Simon. Do you know much about this business?
    Thanks so much,

  6. Claudio says:

    Hi Damien
    Can you point me in the direction of any reputable clinics in London that do good quality micro scalp pigmentation ??

    • Damien says:

      There are four clinics that spring to mind, in no particular order:

      1. Vinci Hair Clinic (Harley Street)
      2. HIS Hair Clinic (Harley Street)
      3. Scalp Aesthetics (South Molton Street)
      4. Skalp (Harley Street)

  7. Bala says:

    Hello Damien,

    I have been fighting with hairloss for atleast 2 decades and finally I decided to go for SMP treatment, I am currently based out of Atlanta, Can you kindly let me know if there is any reliable clinic here where I can get the treatment done? Its difficult to make a decision with looking at the internet site.

    Kindly help.

  8. Lawson says:

    Hi Damien,

    A random question: Do you know if there’s much difference in pigments between clinics? The root of my question lies in the fact that I was thinking of the costs of going back to a clinic every 2-3 years as opposed to every 4-6 years. Over one’s lifetime those costs could add up. I’m wondering if there’s a longitudinal study out there that’s measured the longevity of client’s pigments based on different clinics?

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