dermmatch simulates scalp micropigmentation

How to simulate scalp micropigmentation using DermMatch

This is pretty awesome.

Clinics the world over have devised numerous ways to simulate the way scalp micropigmentation looks on the scalp, to aid the decision-making process and close more bookings.

Most use wax or makeup pencils to sketch out a hairline, but it doesn’t really show the client what they’d look like with a full procedure.

Companies like Skalptec use moisturizing cream on the entire scalp to further enhance the visual, and some clinics offer a digital simulation service using the magic of Photoshop to ‘mock-up’ how scalp micropigmentation might look after treatment.

This technique, using popular hair loss concealer DermMatch, trumps them all.

DermMatch is used by many people to simulate a basic shaved hair look. I knew someone who used this technique daily for 10 years, until he discovered SMP.

If you’re considering this treatment for yourself, this is a great way to see what it might look like. You can buy DermMatch on Amazon and many other retailers online.

More clinics should latch onto the idea of using DermMatch for their own in-house simulations. The product is relatively cheap and very effective, at least for simulation purposes.

Anyway, this guy has perfected the art of using DermMatch to simulate the shaved look. Watch and learn!