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Shaving your head using a wet shave razor - Team Micro

Shaving your head using a wet shave razor

shaving head with a wet shave razor

Men these days are rapidly distancing themselves from how their fathers used to shave, whether or not they’ve had scalp micropigmentation. Double-edged wet safety razors and even straight razors used to dominate the bathroom sink. Nowadays, it would be a novelty to even find one. Electric shavers and the more prevalent, disposable razor have replaced this. An aerosol canister spewing out an oversupply of foamy chemicals has superseded even the shaving cream and shaving brush ritual.Cuts, razor bumps, razor burns and skin irritation are things to avoid while shaving. The ingrown hairs from razor bumps can also become infected or change into pimples if left untreated. The person should be mindful of these things when doing a wet shave. Done properly, this can turn out to be a pleasurable routine that any man can look forward to.Preparation will start with trimming existing head hair to a very short length. It should not be any longer than a fingernail in order for the blade to go through the scalp smoothly. Long hair might get stuck inside the shaving mechanism if a double-edged safety razor is used. The next step is to mix the shaving cream using a quality shaving brush, ideally consisting of badger or boar hair. Whisk the mixture until the consistency is very rich. Hair should be moistened with warm water at this point. It is easier to slice through wet hair than dry hair. Using a shaving brush to apply the shaving cream will allow the hair to stand up creating a better angle for the blade to glide past it. The brush will also mildly scrub the scalp clean of any dry skin. Check the blades to be used prior to shaving to ensure that they are not dull. This is one of the primary reasons why the top skin of the scalp becomes inflamed and sometimes, injured. Any razor can be used for a wet shave. It would be best however, to use either a double-edged safety razor or a straight razor.Handling assorted types of razors has different rules to them. The pressure applied using a disposable razor is different from the others. It is less likely to get nicked because of the lighter frame of a disposable one. A double-edged safety razor however, is heavier and would require to be handled lightly. It should also be angled away from the scalp with the purpose of shaving the head at two to three passes instead of just one.The shaving itself should go with the grain. Going against the grain might result in ingrown hairs, razor burns and hair follicle damage. It might produce unsightly pockmarks that would detract from the overall image of a healthy scalp. To check if the direction is going with the grain, rub your scalp with your fingers. If there is resistance, it is against the grain. If it glides smoothly, then it is with the grain. The main goal while shaving is to reduce the head hair instead of totally shaving it off. Time should be taken to carefully shave off the hair in order to minimize any untoward incident that would cut the skin. Wash the scalp with cold water upon finishing to close the pores and remember to moisturize it with some aftershave. This routine could help toward creating a pleasant shave that will leave the scalp clean, moisturized and healthy looking.Shaving might very well become a lost art. Hopefully, there are still men out there that are practicing the skill of a wet shave. It is a good tradition that should be passed on from generation to generation.

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